The Hollywood Read ep. 2

THR LogoSteve McQueen’s new film, Widows, is not performing well at the box office, which could doom its Oscar hopes. It shouldn’t! But it does! Because the Oscars are ridiculous and only getting more so as the Academy tries to find ways to combat the slipping ratings which are still really high. This week Kayleigh Donaldson and Sarah Marrs discuss Widows, the Oscars, that proposed “popular Oscar” category everyone is ready to throw out of a moving car, and how box office and popularity impact award campaigns. So join us for the first in a series of discussions about the upcoming Oscars and how they will be different from any previous Oscars ceremony. Also: GO SEE WIDOWS.

Kayleigh’s Widows review can be found here.

Sarah’s Widows review can be found here.

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No seriously, manage your expectations

Dear studio execs, production presidents, film investors and bean counters:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You people need to manage your expectations. When I open a newspaper log onto Deadline and read that a movie opens at number one with a $90 million take, and that people are calling this “soft”, or worse, “disappointing”, I get stabby. In what universe is earning NINETY MILLION DOLLARS in THREE DAYS “disappointing”? Continue reading “No seriously, manage your expectations”