Argo is Ben Affleck’s best film yet

Ben Affleck’s career rejuvenation over the last five years, since he made his feature film debut as a director with Gone Baby Gone, is nothing short of remarkable. He went from a punchline, the should-be A-lister who blew all his good will on a cheesy too-public relationship with Jennifer Lopez and a string of shitty movies (although Reindeer Games did yield one of the best lines in The Avengers), to one of the most reliable and entertaining American filmmakers. Case in point: I HATED Affleck even just a couple years ago (I wasn’t convinced Baby wasn’t a fluke) and picked on him constantly. But now I can’t wait to see his movies and freely admit he’s totally won me over against my will. Now there’s a “how did he DO that” for you. Continue reading “Argo is Ben Affleck’s best film yet”