Award Shows 2013: The Golden Globes

Who will win, who should win. I feel a little at a disadvantage, though, because I still haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty, which is obviously a major player.


Best Picture – Dramadjango

Who will win: Lincoln

Who should win: Django Unchained

Lincoln was a good movie, but it didn’t even crack my top 10. I’d rather see something bold like Django  get the top prize, but I guess I’ll settle for “not Life of Pi” instead. Continue reading “Award Shows 2013: The Golden Globes”

Fall Movie Preview 2010: December part 2

December 17

Barney’s Version


Paul Giamatti stars in this adaptation of a popular Canadian novel of the same name. “Barney” is an ornery television producer who has a disastrous personal life. He’s irascible, boozy, foul-mouthed and generally unpleasant. Yet Barney is also an incurable romantic, which is the source of most of his troubles. Womanizing, profane Barney shouldn’t be likeable, but in Giamatti’s capable hands he is a sympathetic figure. Dustin Hoffman also stars as Barney’s father (is that even biologically possible?). Continue reading “Fall Movie Preview 2010: December part 2”

Fall Movie Preview: September 2010

And when I say “fall” I mean “award season”. There’s a deep lineup of dramas this fall, not much comedy, and a few for the family. Right now it’s wide open–any of these films could be “the big one” come next spring, which is why I have graded them all on a scale of Oscar Hopefulness. The Oscar Hopefulness Scale is measured from 0 to 10 and each numerical value has a random and meaningless qualified value. Let’s get on with it, yeah? Continue reading “Fall Movie Preview: September 2010”