Summer Movie Preview: August 2017

August 4

Brigsby Bear


Best known for writing the weird and frequently cut sketches on SNL, Kyle Mooney now moves up to feature film, with this movie about a sweet odd dude who learns a devastating truth and turns to a childhood show for comfort. More or less. Brigsby Bear is both more complex than the trailer makes it seem, and simpler. It is, though, a strong debut for Mooney as a features writer, even if the high concept doesn’t quite pan out.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2014

August 1


Irish writer/director John Michael McDonagh follows up his stellar feature-film debut, The Guard, with Calvary, the story of a priest (Brendan Gleeson) who must deal with the assholes in his parish after one of them threatens him during confession. Because The Guard was ostensibly a comedy and because Calvary co-stars Chris O’Dowd, a lot of people assumed this would be a comedy, but it’s actually a pretty dark, thoughtful exploration of Irish history and the awful ways people treat each other. I’ve been super into Irish cinema the last few years—they’re cranking out some genuinely good films and it’s worth your while to check them out.


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Summer Movie Preview: August 2013

Last month of summer movies, and we’re finishing with one of the best—Edgar Wright’s The World’s End—one of the few originals, Elysium, and one of the most promising sequels, Kick-Ass 2. There’s also a bunch of random Wednesday releases this month.

August 2

2 Guns

Alternate title: 2 Men Who Are Very Secure in Their Manhoods, No Seriously, We’re Not Compensating for Anything.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2012

I’ve been so lazy this summer. It’s horrible. My slightly-past-mid-year resolution is to be less lazy. Especially since award season and the inevitable deluge of films is rapidly approaching. August brings the last round of (potential) blockbusters for the summer movie season, but some smaller, prestige titles are also mixed in, trying to get an early jump on the bigger, flashier award bait to come over the next few months. But before we get there, we’ve got to get through summer’s swan song.

August 3


Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles has made a string of deep-thinking, provoking films over the last decade: City of God, The Constant Gardner and Blindness. 360 is an intersecting-plotline story that eventually coalesces into a compound narrative, not unlike a piece of music written in the round (it is inspired by La Ronde). Jude Law and Rachel Weisz are on the roster, and while it looks good, the August release date is a little bit of a handicap. Either it’s not quite as good as Meirelles’ previous films, or they think it’ll be too heavy to carry either way and are getting it out now, in order to meet an award-season DVD push.


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