50/50 is a rare treat

Lainey coined a term, “Hollywood Sliding Doors”, to describe the what-ifs of casting. Like that Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, in which dual realities play out—in one plot Gwyneth got on the Tube in time to get home and catch her boyfriend cheating. In the other plot, she just misses the train and continues on with her worthless partner (it’s a good movie from Gwyneth’s glory days). Hollywood Sliding Doors is about imagining what a movie would be like if the casting played out differently. The truth is most projects pass through several hands before getting made. You hear stories of actors sticking with something for years—current example is Brad Pitt and Moneyball—but usually casting is an ongoing process until production begins. Actors outgrow roles, they get pregnant or have to go to rehab, they commit to multiple projects and end up having to choose between them—the reasons for Hollywood Sliding Doors are myriad.Continue reading “50/50 is a rare treat”