A lesson in comedy-movie making

Or, what was wrong with 30 Minutes or Less.

Depending on how familiar you are with improv and/or sketch comedy, you may be aware that all scene comedy is based on “games”. As a stand-up, these games didn’t have much to do with my act, but knowing them and being good at them definitely made me a better comedy writer (especially “the rule of three” and “topper”, which you can see applied to my writing all over this blog). These games are basically formulas for creating a scene and the problem with knowing the formula for anything is once you know how to make something, all you ever see is the formula, not the end product. Which means that something has to be really, really good in order to transcend the formula. Continue reading “A lesson in comedy-movie making”

Jesse Eisenberg makes The List

I’m a list maker, I admit it. I have lists detailing everything from Why Sharks Are Scary (it’s their black soulless eyes) to Things You Can Do With Pam Cooking Spray Besides Cooking (homemade flame thrower). I keep a small notebook in my bag at all times in which I keep track of my grocery lists and my movie-watching schedule, as well as the all-important People To Call For Bail Money. The thing is, I forget things if I don’t write them down. Look at my Freebie Five—I can’t remember from one day to the next who’s on it so I end up with, as my friend T says, a Freebie Thirty-Five. Continue reading “Jesse Eisenberg makes The List”