The Hollywood Read ep. 46

This week we’re discussing the Department of Justice’s challenge to the Paramount Consent Decrees, something we’ve been theorizing for months. But we’re totally bummed to be right, because this is Bad For Cinema, and we’re breaking down why. We’re also talking the new trailer for Cats, and everything strange and unnerving about it.

More on the challenge to the Paramount Consent decrees:

The Hollywood Read ep. 45

This week we take a look at Charlie’s Angels crashing and burning at the box office, and wonder what went wrong with Elizabeth Banks’ attempt to revive the franchise. We also discuss Ford v Ferrari emerging as an Oscar contender, and the state of the Oscar race as we get into the heart of award season, and somehow, stay out of the pit of despair!

Jourdain Searles on Marriage Story

The Hollywood Read ep. 44

News that a pair of directors intend to resurrect James Dean with CGI so that he can “give” a new “performance” caused a major backlash throughout Hollywood and film fandom. We discuss the possibility of digital graverobbing, what made Dean so uniquely special, and the possibility of AI art. Join us in the robopocalypse!

The Hollywood Reporter on James Dean’s resurrection:

The Hollywood Read ep. 43

This week we discuss the surprising news that David Benioff & DB Weiss of Game of Thrones fame quit their Star Wars trilogy, and we get into Disney’s quiet removal of Fox titles from repertory theaters. Why should you care? Because Disney is actively limiting your options at the cinema and that makes our culture worse. Join us for a look into our dystopic Disney future!

Matt Zoller Seitz on the Disney Vault:

The Hollywood Read ep. 42

This week we catch up with Harry and Meghan after the documentary about their recent royal tour aired, giving us more insight into their states of mind as they throw down with the British press. We also discuss Jared Leto’s apparent hurt feelings over being pushed out as the Joker. And finally, because it is Halloween week, we share our recommendations for scary movies to watch on the spookiest night of the year.

Here’s Kim Masters on Jared Leto’s Joker upset:

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The Hollywood Read ep. 41

From banning South Park to clashing with the NBA and e-sports and Quentin Tarantino, China has been in the news a lot recently. This week we discuss the increasing culture clash between Hollywood and China, which started the decade as a potential life raft for a stagnating film industry. But now things are complicated by intense public protests in Hong Kong, and South Park blatantly calling out Hollywood’s hypocrisy in turning a blind eye to authoritarianism in favor of making money. Join us as we get banned in China!

The Hollywood Read ep. 40

This week we’re revisiting British royal gossip as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take on the British tabloid press. We discuss the lawsuits, what they’re really about (hint: racism), and how Harry and Meghan’s headlines tie into Prince Andrew’s royal Epstein mess. We also peer into the future and make predictions about how this might play out over the next decade or two, and whether or not monarchy can really make it in the twenty-first century. Join us for another round of royal gossip!

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