Fall Movie Preview: October 2017

October 6

Blade Runner 2049

A sequel to the sci-fi classic that looks gorgeous but may prove as polarizing as the original. Super into the combo of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, though.

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Fall Movie Preview: September 2017

It’s September, which means it’s time for a weird mix of leftover summer fare and early Oscar bait.

September 1

Tulip Fever

The Weinstein Company has pulled this movie off the schedule so much I’m not convinced it’s actually going to come out this time, either.

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Brigsby Bear: Kyle Mooney’s weird love letter to fandom

Brigsby Bear is a piece of weirdo cinema that seems like the kind of fake movie you’d see as a film-within-a-film mocking Sundance. It’s precious bordering on twee, deeply nostalgic, possessed of a quirky synth score (courtesy David Wingo, frequent Jeff Nichols collaborator), and full of actors from the indie comedy scene. It’s practically a checklist of Sundance stereotypes—and it was, indeed, a big hit at this year’s Sundance. But Brigsby transcends its made-for-mockery foundation. It’s a little too sweet for the inherent darkness of its story, but Brigsby Bear is a sensitive and sincere portrait of loneliness and fandom.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2017

August 4

Brigsby Bear


Best known for writing the weird and frequently cut sketches on SNL, Kyle Mooney now moves up to feature film, with this movie about a sweet odd dude who learns a devastating truth and turns to a childhood show for comfort. More or less. Brigsby Bear is both more complex than the trailer makes it seem, and simpler. It is, though, a strong debut for Mooney as a features writer, even if the high concept doesn’t quite pan out.

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