The Hollywood Read ep. 35

With the summer movie season winding down, we take a look back at the winners and losers of blockbuster season, which is mostly “Disney”, and “everyone else”. And we look ahead to TIFF, and the non-blockbusters that will, hopefully, garner SOME box office in the five seconds Disney doesn’t have a movie coming out. We also dive into Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, and debate is effectiveness and that controversial ending. Spoilers ahoy!

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The Hollywood Read ep. 34

This week, bad news abounds as we look into the rumored Annapurna bankruptcy and consider what it means for indie cinema. We also talk about Venom 2, Nate Parker’s comeback via the Venice Film Festival, and Universal’s decision to pull The Hunt from theaters to avoid a political shitstorm. We’re living through a radical technological shift and also a bonkers political moment, and all of it is coming to bear at once. Join us as we stare into the abyss of cinema’s future once again.

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The Hollywood Read ep. 33

This week we tackle the age old question: Nepotism, is it bad? LOL, of course it is. We take a look at the rising phenomenon of legacy actors who are increasingly dominating casting headlines and breakout roles in Hollywood, and wonder where it leaves us if our art comes from one rarified perspective. We also talk about Hobbs & Shaw and the totally cool and normal contractual demands of the Fast/Furious actors, who refuse to lose a fight.

Wall Street Journal on the Fast/Furious fight contract:

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The Hollywood Read ep. 32

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently starring in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, so now is the time to take a look at his career and the almost 30 whole years he has spent as a famous person. Jumping off that article in The Hollywood Reporter, which posits DiCaprio as the last true Movie Star, we discuss why he really isn’t that adventurous, why his fame game is boring, and his scientifically proven aversion to women his own age. But first! We also go over the films announced for TIFF and Venice, including new films from Marielle Heller and Taika Waititi.

The Hollywood Reporter on Leo D:

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The Hollywood Read ep. 31

This week we look back at the news and shockingly few surprises of a relatively quiet Comic Con, and then we descend into the madness of Cats. Is the fur really supposed to look like that? Why do only some cats wear clothes? Is Cats good or has everyone been Incepted? Join us as we break down the Cats trailer and try to gain some understanding of what appears to be a cocaine-fueled mass delusion.

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The Hollywood Read ep. 30

What does Scarlett Johansson have in common with Big Little Lies? Bad headlines they both could have avoided with just a modicum of effort. This week we talk about the behind the scenes drama on Big Little Lies, and what happened to director Andrea Arnold. We also get into Scarlett Johansson’s comments about her right to play any role, and whether or not that is appropriate when so many underrepresented communities still struggle to tell their own stories. ScarJo might be right down the road, but we break down why she’s wrong right now.

Indiewire’s report on Big Little Lies and Andrea Arnold:

Here’s Kayleigh on the Big Little Lies debacle:

And here is Sarah on ScarJo:

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The Hollywood Read ep. 29

With the release of Midsommar, we wonder if adult-oriented summer counter-programming even works anymore, or if the summer drama is another victim of the streaming paradigm shift. We’re also discussing the first trailer for the live-action Mulan remake, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s off-kilter turn as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. After failing to become an action hero in his own right, Jake G built his career around cinematic weirdoes, and now everything comes full circle as a comic book movie taps him to play a weirdo villain. Join us as we gush over Florence Pugh and follow Jake G’s career path through the weird weeds.

Here’s Kayleigh on Jake G’s wonderful Instagram:

And here is Sarah on Midsommar

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