The unwinnable moment between a heckler and a comedian

First, the definition of heckler by someone who has been heckled in a variety of forms over a range of media, from real life to electronic.

A heckler is anyone who disturbs your shit.

Disagree? Fine. Everyone gets to have an opinion, even dumb ones (just like we’re free to judge those opinions as dumb). But don’t interrupt someone who is speaking. This is what I like about the internet—as gross and ragey as commentary can get, it is literally impossible to interrupt someone. I find writing to be a much more civil exchange, even at its most uncivil, than stand-up comedy ever was. Here on the internet, I write something, like this, and then you respond. And then I can either respond or not, depending on my level of motivation, conviction of belief, and the relative interestingness of whatever a commenter has said in response to my initial thought. Even if it’s to be yelled at, I can’t be interrupted here. In turn, I can’t interrupt anyone who would take the time and comment/email/tweet me. Everyone gets their say. Continue reading “The unwinnable moment between a heckler and a comedian”


Programming notes and other miscellany

All right, first, if you haven’t been here recently, you may be noticing the new color scheme. You complained loud enough for long enough, so I finally figured out how to change the layout to a more retina-friendly look. You’re welcome.

Second, there’s a new item in the sidebar called “In Theaters Now”. My friend R suggested that I add a permanent feature that would make it easy to find the monthly movie previews since they break down what is coming out in theaters weekend by weekend and apparently not everyone memorizes the release slate a year in advance. So now you can find a quick link to the movie previews on the sidebar. As new previews post, they’ll be added. You get the idea. Continue reading “Programming notes and other miscellany”

Things That Go Bump in the Night: What monsters mean to us today

Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” I’d take it a step further and say a society can be judged by its monsters. That is, what a society chooses to make monstrous says a lot about that society’s people. The thing about monsters is that they’re all real. Blaming an unexplainable event on a “monster” makes it real, like the medieval women who guarded against demons because that was their explanation for high mortality rates among children. Or how it’s human nature to fear the dark, so as children we invent monsters lying wait under our beds to grab us at the first opportunity because we don’t know why we’re afraid, just that we are. Continue reading “Things That Go Bump in the Night: What monsters mean to us today”

First post!

Snarksters of the world unite! No but seriously, don’t come here because I haven’t picked up my room yet. It’s a wee bit messy. That’s New Year’s Resolution #2, right behind “finally start a movie blog”.

This is CineSnark, where we will talk about movies, largely in a sarcastic and/or facetious manner. I love movies, I see a lot of movies, and while I love talk about movies, I do not love talking about the auteur theory and all that shizz. You can discuss critical theory all you want, but at the end of the day bad movies still make a ton of money and good movies often get left by the wayside. So, critical theory is out. Movies here are judged by my taste (feel free to disagree, but I reserve the right to make fun of you), the Unintentional Comedy Scale, the Zombie-Preparedness Scale, or whatever arbitrary system I feel like judging by that day.

The next several posts will be lists. Top 10’s for the year, decade, et cetera. It’s probably the best and fastest way to suss out my taste and sarcasm level. I will probably only post 2-3 times per week, or at least that’s what I am telling myself now, in order to make this feel like a no-pressure hobby. Sort of like standing in a room alone talking to myself. Hmm, sad.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Am off to the movies.