Spring Movie Preview: March 2018

March 2

Death Wish

This movie was gross in 1974 when it starred Charles Bronson, and it’s super gross in 2018.


Ted Geoghegan’s latest caused a stir at last year’s Fantasia Fest, and it looks bonkers but also amazing. And it’s really cool to see a movie fronted by a First Nations actress (Kaniehtiio Horn).


Red Sparrow

JLaw stars in the Black Widow movie Marvel waited too long to make.

March 9

A Wrinkle In Time

Ava DuVernay tackles Madeleine L’Engle’s book about a young girl who must travel through time and space to save her father. It looks beautiful, but the real test is whether or not DuVernay can make sense of L’Engle’s twisty plotting.


I am super into this, especially as it’s a break in David Oyelowo’s typical Very Earnest style. And there’s bonus Sharlto Copley.

Hurricane Heist

I feel the title says it all.

The Strangers: Prey At Night

The Strangers wasn’t bad, and it’s not that this looks awful, it’s just that it looks the same.


People have been going nuts for this since Sundance last year. The trailer is FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to finally see this and see if it delivers as promised.

March 16

7 Days in Entebbe

Another movie about the 1976 airplane hijacking/hostage situation that resulted in an IDF raid on a resort in Uganda. This looks fine, but I would be more interested in a documentary about this, instead.

Love Simon

A teen rom-com, but it’s about a closeted gay kid who falls for an unknown classmate online. This looks super cute.

Tomb Raider

This looks super dumb and will not break the video game curse, mark my words.

March 23

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson returns to stop-motion animation with the story of a boy searching for his dog in the near future. I like the look of this a lot—and I LOVE Anderson’s previous animated film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox—but I guess we’ve all decided not to care about the predominately white voice cast in relation to the Japanese setting.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

When made by Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim barely worked. The sequel is not made by Guillermo Del Toro, so I have no expectations of this being a functional movie. The trailers make it look like a Transformers knock-off.

Sherlock Gnomes

I don’t even…like…just, okay.


Steven Soderbergh’s latest was shot on an iPhone and looks demented.

March 30

Lean On Pete



Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg directs Ernest Cline’s fanboy fanfiction, which is like Ina Garten making canned ravioli.

2 thoughts on “Spring Movie Preview: March 2018

  1. Ruthy

    “but I guess we’ve all decided not to care about the predominately white voice cast in relation to the Japanese setting”

    Shut the fuck up and

    You can’t look down on tomb raider or RPO considering how much you suck off any marvel movie

  2. Rebeca

    Tomb Raider looks SO boring. =(

    I’m starting to think Alicia Vikander has a rather narrow acting range.

    She was absolutely mesmerizing as Ava in Ex Machina, and I guess these kinds of roles — that require a more subdued, ambiguous performance — suit her best. Because it feels like Alicia just can’t muster up enough “raw energy” and charisma to be convincing as an action heroine like Lara Croft. (I admit I haven’t watched many films with her, so my judgement may be biased from the Tomb Raider trailers.)

    Am I crazy? What do you think about her, Sarah?

    If I could, I’d pitch Netflix a Tomb Raider miniseries based on the storyline that runs from TR: Legend through TR: Anniversary to TR: Underworld, starring Rhona Mitra. It’s a story centered on four women (Lara, her best friend, her mother and her old nemesis) with lots of potential for great female drama.

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