Fall Movie Preview: September 2017

It’s September, which means it’s time for a weird mix of leftover summer fare and early Oscar bait.

September 1

Tulip Fever

The Weinstein Company has pulled this movie off the schedule so much I’m not convinced it’s actually going to come out this time, either.

September 8

Home Again

Reese Witherspoon returns to the rom-com in the first film from Hallie Meyers-Shyer, the daughter of Nancy Meyers. So this will be lots of pretty white people having romantical problems in outstanding kitchens.


Stephen King’s It is here to make a whole new generation of kids terrified of clowns. Just so long as it doesn’t get real stupid at the end like the mini-series did.

September 15

American Assassin

This movie looks RIDICULOUS and I am way into it.

Brad’s Status

I don’t know which annoys me more: Yet another movie about a white dude having a midlife crisis, or the implication that mediocrity is acceptable so long as your kid seems kind of cool.


I’m going to be very disappointed if this is just a Rosemary’s Baby knock-off.

September 22

Battle of the Sexes

Emma Stone and Steve Carell star as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, respectively, in this dramatization of their legendary 1973 tennis match, dubbed “the Battle of the Sexes”. This has the feeling of being one of those, “So-and-So should have won an Oscar for THIS and not THAT” movies, if Emma Stone ends up giving as good a performance as it looks like she’s giving.

Friend Request

I swear I’ve already seen this.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I just hope this one doesn’t end with a crass sex joke.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

I still don’t know what a Ninjago is.


AKA, the good Boston Marathon bombing movie, not the dumb Marky Mark one.

Victoria & Abdul

I can’t wait until we start making movies about all of Queen Elizabeth II’s unusual end-of-life friendships.


Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind fashion brand Rodarte, make their feature film debut with this completely impenetrable movie starring their muse, Kirsten Dunst.


September 29

American Made

Sadly, not a sequel to American Assassin, but just another “Tom Cruise gets to be the coolest and most capable human being alive” movie. (Behind the scenes this is a record of tragedy, as two pilots died and a third was injured during filming.)


But like, why?


Harry Dean Stanton stars in the directorial debut of actor John Carroll Lynch. Lucky has been winning people over at festivals all year, including winning the Audience Award the Chicago Film Critics Film Festival.


3 thoughts on “Fall Movie Preview: September 2017

  1. Rosie

    ‘Yet another movie about a white dude having a midlife crisis’ But you’re fine with a billion white dude as a superhero movie?

    1. No. It’s been a sore point for years that there isn’t more diversity in superhero movies, and at this point, I’m most excited for the ones that don’t star white guys, or like Thor: Ragnarok, come from an outsider’s perspective. And I’m still annoyed there isn’t any more diversity happening in that space (such as WB apparently scrapping Gotham City Sirens for a Joker movie no one wants or needs).

  2. Kate

    I really want to see mother!, but I don’t want to find out anything more about it before I see it.

    I took my own mother to see ‘A Ghost Story’ after your recommendation (I saw the headline praising it and then studiously avoided finding out anything more than ‘Casey Affleck wearing a sheet’ and came back and read the review afterwards) and it was great. Mum was rolling her eyes about 5 minutes into the pie-eating scene, but she liked it too.

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