Spring Movie Preview: March 2017

March 3

Before I Fall

It’s like Groundhog Day, but for teens. No seriously, I’ve been waiting for someone to put Zoey Deutch in the right project—maybe this is it.


Logan has been getting rave reviews, but let’s be honest: The bar for X-Men movies is loooooooow. I’m expecting this to be good, but maybe not rapturously great, which is usually what happens when a competent movie follows a string of incompetent movies. (The first actually-good DC movie will be the BEST. MOVIE. EVER.)

Table 19


I don’t think this is going to be good, but…aw, it looks so cute. Plus bonus Stephen Merchant.

March 10

Kong: Skull Island

Am legit shocked reviews for this aren’t terrible because the trailers haven’t been great. But between John C. Reilly and Shea Whigham, I’m kinda rooting for this one.

Personal Shopper


Kristen Stewart re-teams with Olivier Assayas for a trippy ghost story set in Paris. You had me at “Kristen Stewart”.

March 17

Beauty and the Beast

A totally unnecessary live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

The Belko Experiment

James Gunn used his Guardians of the Galaxy juice to get this made. Looks…neat.

(Red band trailer, watch out if you’re at work)

T2 Trainspotting


How to tell that we’re taking this sequel trend too far:

TRAINSPOTTING got a sequel.

March 24


This couldn’t look less funny if it was an entire movie of someone drowning kittens.


So…are we not gonna talk about how this is basically Alien?

Power Rangers

Did anyone ask for dark+gritty Power Rangers? No seriously, who asked for this? I want to know who to blame.


REALLY looking forward to this one. Adapted by Daniel Clowes (American Splendor) from his own graphic novel, and directed by Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins), this is the mode I most enjoy Woody Harrelson. He was GREAT in The Edge of Seventeen, and this looks in the same vein. With bigger movies like Logan and Kong and Ghost in the Shell pushing into March, it’s easier and easier for movies like this—and Personal Shopper—to get lost in the shuffle. I hope this one can find its feet.

(Also red band, NSFW)

March 31

Boss Baby

We are in hell, and this movie is how we know.

Ghost in the Shell

This is probably going to do well, so no one will learn anything in re: whitewashing.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Do you think Daniel Brühl gets tired of playing Nazis?


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