Summer Movie Preview: August 2016

August 5

Nine Lives

What I want to know is what bet did Kevin Spacey lose, and to whom?

Suicide Squad

Don’t let the catchy trailers fool you—it’s a mess. Full review here.

August 12

Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep Oscar Vehicle #917. No, seriously, this looks pretty charming. Who’s going to be able to resist Meryl Streep AND Hugh Grant? This is like the movie equivalent of a glitter bomb. You can try to avoid it, but it will get some of its cute on you, regardless.

Hell or High Water

They’re kind of selling this like a typical heist movie, but I bet this is secretly really depressing.

Pete’s Dragon

In a year already crowded with blockbuster children’s entertainment, will this really stick out that much? Even with a dragon it seems pretty bland.

Sausage Party

The trailer alone is convincing, but this also blew people away at a screening at Comic Con. Really looking forward to this, especially after Suicide Squad was so disappointing.

August 19


This is going to bomb SO HARD.

Kubo and the Two Strings

The latest from LAIKA looks pleasantly weird, but again, when we’ve already had so many huge kids’ movies this year, do we really have any more left in the tank for another one?

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World


Werner Herzog made a documentary about the internet. That’s all anyone needs to know, but here’s a trailer just in case “Werner Herzog made” isn’t enough to convince you.

Morris From America


A coming of age story about an African-American kid in Germany. Looks totally charming.

War Dogs

AKA The Hangover: Baghdad.

August 26

Blood Father


I’d be more into this if I didn’t have to look at ole sugar tits over there.

Don’t Breathe

I mean, Lights Out turned out pretty good, so this could always turn out pretty good, but it doesn’t look pretty good.

Hands of Stone

It’s a boxing movie, but this time, Robert DeNiro plays the trainer. Bonus points for Edgar Ramirez.

Mechanic: Resurrection

On a scale of one to ten Jason Stathams, this movie looks like 6.5 Jason Stathams, or roughly the equivalent of Revolver. (Crank 2 scores a perfect 10 of 10 Jason Stathams.)

Sea of Trees


The McConaissance is officially over.

Southside With You

A fictionalization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date looks like the best rom-com in years.

4 thoughts on “Summer Movie Preview: August 2016

  1. Yesterday I was forced to go see bad moms (bff’s choice), so the next movie I see needs to be something that isn’t total garbage, so hopefully I’ll be able to see Morris From America on vod. But seriously, Sarah, you needed to review Bad Moms, it was wretched. I never thought Mila Kunis was a bad actress, but she was horrible in this movie, like I’ll never be able to look at her the same way again for agreeing to be in this movie.

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