Summer Movie Preview: May 2016

May 6

A Bigger Splash


Sexy people being sexy in the sun.

Captain America: Civil War

Marvel’s latest is also Marvel’s best. If you’re at all on the fence about seeing Civil War, just go see it. It’s really, REALLY good.

The Family Fang


Jason Bateman’s sophomore directorial effort is a so-so adaptation about a family of assholes. Full review here.

May 13

The Darkness

Oh yeah, let’s go with “Native American spirits are DEMONS” as a productive and good idea in the twenty-first century.

High Rise


Ben Wheatley’s weird, gorgeous adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s sci-fi nightmare is a mostly rewarding experience. Tom Hiddleston is hitting new levels recently. Full review here.

The Lobster


One of the stand-out films of TIFF 2015, The Lobster is the first English-language film from Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos. It’s weird and sad and lonely and weird, and Colin Farrell reminds you that he is a really good actor. Well worth seeking out if you want to try something different. Full review here.

Love & Friendship


Whit Stillman adapts a Jane Austen novella (Lady Susan), for this romantical comedy/drama. It’s also nice to see Kate Beckinsale in a real movie, and not more Underworld crap. Looks like a solid piece of summer counter-programming.

Money Monster

Jodie Foster is back in the director’s chair for a Wall Street conspiracy thriller. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of movies like this, as people want to vicariously experience Wall Street assholes getting their just desserts, which they have totally failed to get in real life.

May 20

The Angry Birds Movie

This is because The LEGO Movie was actually really good. This does not look really good.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

After Rose Byrne was the secret weapon of Neighbors, it looks like Seth Rogen and his comedy gang took the hint and devoted the sequel to more funny ladies. I’m not particularly sold on this trailer, but then, Neighbors’ trailer didn’t really sell what a funny movie that is, either, so I’m willing to give #2 a shot.

The Nice Guys

Shane Black follows up Iron Man 3 with a thoroughly Shane Black movie, this one set in the 1970s, which seems a great period for a Shane Black story. Every time I see this trailer I laugh at Ryan Gosling’s high-pitched scream. I cannot WAIT for this one.

May 27

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I know that Alice in Wonderland made a billion dollars, but let’s examine our hearts and ask ourselves truly—does anyone actually want to see this movie?

X-Men: Apocalypse

The latest installment of the X-Men franchise looks a lot like every other installment of the X-Men franchise. It’s amazing to me that in sixteen years these movies have not significantly matured.

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