Fall Movie Preview: November 2015

November 4


Saoirse Ronan stars as an Irish immigrant in the 1950s torn between a life in the new world and the one she left back home in the old. The movie has been getting great reviews, particularly for Ronan’s performance.


November 6

Miss You Already

Cancer “comedy”. Self-explanatory.

Bonus Dominic Cooper.


The Peanuts Movie

Surprisingly good, if not quite as complex as Charles Schulz’s classic comic strips.

Full review here.


Bond is back, and shitting all over his legacy.

Full review here.


One of the absolute best movies of the year. An outstanding ensemble matched with an outstanding script.

Full review here.



Bryan Cranston is getting some Oscar buzz for his performance as Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter who fought against McCarthy-era blacklisting in Hollywood. Helen Mirren also stars as legendary gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, which is perfect.


November 13

The 33

Remember the Chilean miners who were trapped in a collapsed mine for over two months? This is about them, and stars Antonio Banderas.

By The Sea

Angelina Jolie Pitt directs herself and Brad Pitt in this film, which she also wrote. Full review forthcoming, but the short answer is that it’s more interesting than engaging, and Jolie Pitt is a better director than she is writer—the script is the weakest link.

New York/LA

Love the Coopers

Family Stone knock-off.

November 20


This is already a heavy favorite for the Oscars, even though they’re participating in blatant category fraud by campaigning Rooney Mara in the supporting actress race, even though she’s a co-lead with Cate Blanchett. This looks great and is one of my year-end must sees.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Katniss Everdeen is back in The Hunger Games IV: The Hungering. All these movies are the same.


I heard some not-so-great stuff about this at TIFF, but Tom Hardy playing gangster twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray seems like a curiosity worth visiting.


The Night Before

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen re-team with 50/50 director Jonathan Levine for a holiday comedy about three friends—Anthony Mackie is along for the ride—having one last night out before adult responsibility crushes everything fun and adventurous about their lives.

Secret in Their Eyes

I love this cast but goddamn this looks like a Lifetime movie.

November 25


Rocky is back, but this time he’s the mentor. Michael B. Jordan stars as Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed, and Rocky is his trainer. Rocky has never been my bag, but this movie came from writer/director Ryan Coogler pitching Stallone on his idea for a movie about a second-generation Creed, so I’m curious to see how Rocky translates in someone else’s hands. Plus MBJ. He’s great.

The Good Dinosaur

Pixar follows up Inside Out with a what-if fable of friendship between a dinosaur and a caveman baby. The animation looks superb, and this will probably be another friendship tearjerker like Toy Story and Wall-E.

Victor Frankenstein

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in this hyperactive take on Frankenstein, which looks like a super fun antidote to the heavier Oscar bait this month.

November 27

The Danish Girl

Another one that’s figuring into early Oscar baiting, The Danish Girl is about Lili Elbe, the first person to receive gender reassignment surgery. Lots of buzz around Eddie Redmayne’s and Alicia Vikander’s performances, but I’m mostly obsessed with how Eddie Redmayne is a prettier girl than I will ever be.


5 thoughts on “Fall Movie Preview: November 2015

  1. Anna

    Legend is an okay film, but Tom Hardy is outstanding in it. If I didn’t know who he was, I would have thought it was twin actors playing the Krays.

    I feel you on Eddie Redmayne as a girl, it’s depressing.

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