Summer Movie Preview: July 2015

Better late than never?

July 1

Magic Mike XXL

No seriously, it’s great! Full review here.

Terminator Genisys

No one cares about this movie.

July 3


Documentarian Asif Kapadia (Senna) tells the story of Amy Winehouse’s rise and tragically early death. Senna was excellent, and reviews for Amy have been very good, so it might be worth checking out if you’re in a documentary kind of mood this summer.


July 10

The Gallows

A horror movie about a doomed high school play is like something stoned theater nerds cooked up after rehearsal.


The little yellow nonsense blobs from Despicable Me have their own movie because someone decided that a visual gag ought to be a feature length film.


How is this not Face/Off? HOW?

July 17


Marvel’s latest starring a winsome Paul Rudd and a scene-stealing, super charming Michael Pena. It won’t win new fans to the franchise, but the Marvel faithful ought to be pleased, plus it’s an action movie that actually plays really well to families.

Irrational Man

Woody Allen’s latest older man/younger woman “romantic” fable.


Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen stars as a ninety-year-old Sherlock Holmes solving one last mystery.


The Stanford Prison Experiment

Based on the infamous psychological study in which students at Stanford divided into “guards” and “prisoners” and then took all of like three seconds before descending into madness and proving that humanity is a dark and terrible thing.



Amy Schumer’s anticipated comedy which is kind of a reverse rom-com in which the woman is the sexually liberated partner uninterested in relationships and the man has to earn her monogamy. Also apparently LeBron James is really funny as the sidekick.

July 24

Paper Towns

Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff star in the latest story from John Green, the YA Nicholas Sparks, which seems to be a YA version of Gone Girl, but probably with more cancer.


Adam Sandler and Kevin James are back, and they’re dragging Michelle Monaghan and Peter Dinklage down with them. I think this wants to be a family-friendly action/adventure, but that movie is already out by this point and it’s called Ant-Man.


Jake Gyllenhaal wants an Oscar dammit!


Cobie Smulders stars in this Sundance stand-out about a high school teacher who is pregnant at the same time as one of her students.

Limited/On Demand

The Vatican Tapes

Another found footage exorcism movie shat into existence, unfortunately dragging Michael Pena down with it.

July 29


Ed Helms and Christina Applegate front this sequel that no one asked for to the popular Chevy Chase Vacation movies. Soon to be remembered solely for The Greater Hemsworth’s abs.

July 31

The End of the Tour

Jason Segel stars as David Foster Wallace and Jesse Eisenberg as a reporter interviewing him over five days as he wraps up the tour for Infinite Jest.


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, a secret agent who drags his broken, aged body around the globe trying to stop an international terrorist threat before his scheduled hip replacement.

Seriously, at some point we need to acknowledge that men age out of these roles the same way women do romantic comedies.

4 thoughts on “Summer Movie Preview: July 2015

  1. Agent K

    Tom Cruise just seems like a parody these days and Renner seemed, let’s say “unenthusiastic” when talking about this movie in an interview I read. Why the rush to get it out? My thought was either get ahead of Spectre; or Paramount knew that Terminator was crap and wanted at the very least a minor summer win?

    Oh and to borrow from Lainey:

    Why is Self/Less?
    Why is Jai Courtney?

    1. They definitely got out of the way of Bond. With so many tentpoles now scheduling is a nightmare, and I assume they picked the end of July because it’s traditionally a pretty “soft” time during summer. The big stuff comes out in May/June, so by the end of July summer is winding down. Marvel put Guardians of the Galaxy in August and Ant-Man in mid-July this year for the same reason. Post July-4 is typically kinder to the riskier would-be blockbusters. Ghost Protocol was a surprise hit, but that was four years ago and Cruise’s box office pull has diminished some in the meantime. Late July was their softest possible landing. As for Renner, I think he’s speaking more to not being part of the creative process, and also, these are not challenging jobs for him. Whatever you think of him personally, he is a tremendously talented actor and doing movies like this takes like, 3% of his ability. He’ll still turn in a good performance because he’s a professional, but he isn’t working any harder than he has to on stuff like this.

      I don’t understand the existence of Jai Courtney, Movie Star or Self/Less.

      On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 10:58 AM, Cinesnark wrote:


  2. Agent K

    Oh I adore Renner as an actor, I just found it telling. Cruise doesn’t get my money thanks to his devotion to a certain science fiction writer; but I do wish I could support Renner.

  3. Amy is amazing and everyone who cares about the music of the early aughts owes it to themselves to go. It’s a great music doc and a great tragic story. Amy totally knew what would happen to her years in advance, then the men in her life helped her get there – the bad, not so much the good which she did on her own. So sad but a very compelling story and cleverly made.

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