Summer Movie Preview: May 2015

May 1

Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you claim you don’t know anything about this movie, I don’t believe you.

Far from the Madding Crowd

Carey Mulligan stars in this adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel about an independent Victorian lass with a bevy of suitors. Reviews from the UK are generally positive, but I think it’ll depend entirely on your tolerance for navel-gazing period dramas.


Welcome to Me

Kristen Wiig stars as a woman who wins the lottery, quits her meds, and starts a talk show. Supposedly Wiig is very good.


May 8

The D Train

I think this wants to be a satire of bro culture, but I’m a little leery. Jack Black is not the most subtle (he’s the “thinking man’s Adam Sandler”), but the trailer is pretty sharp.


Hot Pursuit

AMERICAN CITIZEN and Sofia Vergara co-star in this comedy of wacky hijinks about a police officer and a federal witness on the run. Didn’t Katherine Heigle make a movie like this? Or was it Jennifer Aniston? Someone has already made a movie like this.


Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in an indie drama about zombies. That is a statement which is true.


May 15

Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron pick up where Mel Gibson left off, taking us to the post-apocalyptic wasteland where everyone fights for gas. This time, though, it seems more about rescuing some girls? Not entirely clear on the plot—and word is, this film has little dialogue—but it looks cool as hell.

Pitch Perfect 2

The Barden Bellas return, as directed by Elizabeth Banks. Surprisingly, I love Pitch Perfect, so I’m in for the sequel, but that opening bit about Rebel Wilson’s snatch makes me cringe. It comes off as being a mockery of a fat person having sex organs, not just an embarrassing gaffe in which someone falls off those aerial ribbon things.

Slow West

The “Michael Fassbender is a gunslinger” movie that Jane’s Got a Gun denied us.


May 22


I’m always here for Sam Rockwell, but this looks like a shot-for-shot remake of Poltergeist, so…why?


Brad Bird’s mysterious movie about George Clooney and a girl time travelling or dimension hopping or something looks super fun and engaging. Might be for little kids, but I really like that bathtub rocket.

May 29 – This is the weekend I’m travelling for business


This is the Cameron Crowe movie that the Sony Hack revealed to be a bit of a disaster behind the scenes. But…Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone in one movie? C’mon. That’s too much charm to resist.

San Andreas

The Rock fights an earthquake.

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