Fashion Friday Fun Post: Golden Globes 2015

I haven’t done one of these in forever!

Best Dressed

It was a boring night for fashion so it’s not like anything here was a jaw-dropping fashion moment, but these are the people who managed the best individual style for the night.

Lorde is my favorite in a Narciso Rodriguez tux with a crop top. I like that she’s learning to find eveningwear to fit her style, and not changing her style to fit into eveningwear. Also, I love that the tux isn’t body-con. Tina Fey wore a pretty great tux, too, but I’m giving Lorde the points for going with the wide leg and menswear jacket. Julianne Moore in Givenchy had the best silver/grey of the night, Laura Carmichael managed the best “not a nominee but still happy to be here” look in James Galanos, and Allison Tolman proved it’s possible to look beautiful and stylish when you’re not a size two in a Gauri and Nainika gown. Melissa McCarthy should take notes. Jessica Chastain had a personal best with a plunging Versace gown that was also the best boobs-out display of the night, and finally, Ruth Wilson’s “inside out” Prada was the closest thing to a gasp-worthy dress for the night.

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Almost But Not Quite

Amal Clooney made her first red carpet appearance as the First Lady of Hollywood and she managed a near-flawless Hollywood wife look in Dior. The dress is nice but unexciting, but all anyone could talk about were her gloves. I appreciate the nod to Hollywood past, but these days I think white gloves have been permanently ruined by prom. Lupita Nyong’o wore purple Giambattista Valli and while the color is great on her, the dress is so voluminous. If it was just the top with a streamlined skirt, fine, or just the skirt with a sleek top, also fine. But together this dress looks like it weighs ninety pounds. Great makeup, though. Emma Stone went for a Lanvin jumpsuit with a butt bow and I applaud the effort but big ass bows on your butt are never a good idea, and Naomi Watts wore a perfectly nice Gucci dress that OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE.

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Amy Adams, I have seen you in this dress (this version by Versace) with that hair a million times. Emily Blunt wore great earrings and a boring Michael Kors dress, Felicity Jones wore a boring Dior dress—when was the last time we saw something really exciting from Dior?—and Reese Witherspoon took no risks in metallic Calvin Klein. They’re probably all on PEOPLE’s best dressed list.

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Men In Tuxedos


Let’s take a moment to admire Alan Cumming’s CK tux, though, and David Oyelowo in sparkly midnight blue D&G. Also Matt Bomer is an angel.

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Worst Dressed

Salma Hayek wore an Alexander McQueen gown that, at first glance, I thought was Jennifer Lawrence’s white Dior Oscar gown. At second glance I thought it was a duvet. Dakota Johnson wore a terrible Chanel dres—WE GET IT, YOU’RE IN FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Keira Knightley also wore a terrible Chanel dress, which she said took thirty people to complete. Really? Because it looks like a child pasted bird cutouts onto a dishrag. In other distressing fashion confessions, Melissa McCarthy said she almost went to FIT to study design, so it’s a really good thing that that whole acting thing worked out for her because she designed that outfit and it is awful. Amanda Peet’s J. Mendel dress doesn’t bother me because it’s blousy, it bothers me because it’s so poorly styled. And Rosamund Pike is wearing the worst Vera Wang I’ve seen in a long time.

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One thought on “Fashion Friday Fun Post: Golden Globes 2015

  1. Ronny

    Tina and Lorde’s tuxes were the shit! Tina has come a long way in terms of style.

    I loved Kristen Wiig’s dress too. I don’t think many could have pulled it off but she has a natural elegance and obviously the rail thin figure. I don’t think she gets enough credit for not playing it safe. Her fashion is always a little off kilter enough to get the fashion ‘experts’ mad. There’s a little bit of Tilda in Kristen, which is the best compliment i could give her!

    Emma Stone’s was great except for the bow, i agree. I t was just stupid looking. Or maybe it needed somebody with a bit more bite to pull it off. I don’t really like to see photos of Emma any more, the thinnification of her and Anna Kendrick makes me sad.

    Jlo looked amazing but i cannot stand those down to the navel dresses on women. It looks okay on small chested women but it’s just so porny on curvy women. How can they even enjoy themselves knowing that they could pop out at any time? – or maybe that’s the point …

    Christine Barinski was so elegant.

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