Winter Movie Preview: January 2015

January 2

A Most Violent Year

From writer/director JC Chandor, who’s on a roll with Margin Call and All is Lost. The way Jessica Chastain says, “This was very disrespectful,” makes my life.


[Rec] 4: Apocalypse

A found footage horror movie franchise that doesn’t really use found footage. Err…


The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

At least it’s not found footage?

January 9



January 16


You lost at me “Chris Hemsworth: Brilliant hacker”.

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Andrea di Stefano (Life of Pi) makes his directorial debut with this movie about a surfer (Josh Hutcherson) who gets sucked into the world of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar by way of a pretty girl. It doesn’t look very good, but for Benecio Del Toro pulling out all the stops as Escobar. Even when it’s batty, he’s always worth watching.




Still Alice

Aka Alzheimer’s: The Movie. No seriously, Julianne Moore has been winning a lot of praise, and deservedly so, for her work as a professor afflicted with early-onset Alzheimer’s. She might even win an Oscar for it, unless Jennifer Aniston’s “I didn’t wear makeup, reward me” campaign actually works, in which case, I quit life. Kristen Stewart is also very good as the daughter struggling with her mother’s degeneration.


The Wedding Ringer

It kind of feels like Kevin Hart can’t lose, and the Hangover-y vibes of this premise are sure to draw in a big crowd, especially with no other (intentional) comedies competing this month.

January 23

Black Sea

Jude Law stars in this movie because he has bills to pay.

The Boy Next Door

That’s not a real movie.


I think I get what they’re going for here—a throwback screwball comedy—but I can’t help but think it would work better if they’d just set the movie in the 1930’s. As for Johnny Depp, I’m beyond words. He’s completely destroyed my love for/appreciation of him. I never thought that would happen.

Song One

A guy is in an accident and his sister falls for the hot musician he admired. It’s an at-home Valentine’s Day option, if nothing else.


Strange Magic

ETA: Instead of contributing to New New Star Wars, George Lucas produced this toy commercial.

January 30

The Loft

ETA: This movie sat on the shelf for ages and is now getting buried in January at the last minute. Doesn’t get worse than this.

Project Almanac

At least it’s consistently found footage?

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