Winter Movie Preview: December 2014

December 5

Life Partners

Co-dependent friendship threatened by a dude. I mean…really?


The Pyramid

Horror movies in December are NEVER good.


Reese Witherspoon goes makeup-free in pursuit of Oscar. That shit will probably work.

December 12

Exodus: Gods & Guyliner

AKA White People B.C.

Inherent Vice

PT Anderson brings Thomas Pynchon’s novel to the big screen in a loopy adaptation that is my last must-see of the year.


Top Five

Chris Rock’s latest directorial offering—in which he also stars—is about a comedian attempting a dramatic turn and giving an interview on a crucial day in his career. It caused a huge bidding war at TIFF, and it looks like Rock has leveled up as a filmmaker.

December 19


I feel like a grump saying this looks shitty, but this looks shitty.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


Mr. Turner

Mike Leigh’s latest stars Timothy Spall as the English painter J.M.W. Turner, in what is looking like a strong possibility for an Oscar nomination.


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably end up watching this on Netflix just for newly-hot Dan Stevens.

December 25

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper gains a bunch of weight in pursuit of Oscar. That shit probably won’t work.


Big Eyes

Tim Burton pulls his head out of the money cow’s ass just long enough to make this movie about Margaret Keane, a painter famous for creepy portraits of big-eyed children who was at the center of a legal firestorm after her husband claimed credit for her works. Starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, is not a must-see but something worth checking out eventually. Keane’s story is really interesting.

The Gambler

Mark Whalberg loses a bunch of weight in pursuit of Oscar. That shit definitely won’t work.

The Interview

Seth Rogen and James Franco re-team for a comedy about two doofuses (doofusi?) attempting to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Great counter-programming amidst all the Oscar bait.

Into the Woods

Jesus Christ, Johnny Depp. Jesus. Christ.

Two Days, One Night

I never particularly enjoy the films of the Dardennes Brothers, but Marion Cotillard has been earning rave reviews all year for her performance as a women struggling to convince her co-workers to prevent her from being fired so that they may receive raises. I’d rather just re-watch The Immigrant (available on Netflix Instant), but if intense, thoughtful foreign dramas are your thing, this is right up your alley.



Angelina Jolie directs a World War II epic in pursuit of Oscar. That shit will probably work.

5 thoughts on “Winter Movie Preview: December 2014

  1. I watched the Night at the Museum 3 trailer just for Dan Stevens, and it looked kind of funny (I’ve never seen any these movies), but it may have shown the only funny parts. Top Five looks good. I watched it because of your recent posts on Lainey with highlights of his interview. I wonder if parts of it are sort of autobiographical. It looks like I would spend the entire time watching Big Eyes despising Christoph Waltz, which is not how I like to spend my time watching him (and isn’t very fair). Timothy Spall. I love him. I will see Mr. Turner.

  2. dani

    Hello from Seattle! This may not be the most on-topic place to leave this comment but perhaps it will do. I really enjoy your movie reviews and even if I will never see or care about any of these super hero movies, I enjoy your take on them.

    Since you are reviewing films coming out this winter, I was wondering if you would have time to review some of the smaller movies available on Netflix/Amazan/etc. that won’t necessarily get a big release in theaters. I recall that you did this last year and it turned me on to a few things I would never have looked for “on demand” like the Sam Rockwell movie “A Single Shot”.

    I recently saw “Blue Ruin” (on Netflix) and it was one of the best indies I’ve seen in a long time and clearly made for zero dollars. So the good ones are out there but there’s a sea full of crap too and any help sorting the two is always appreciated.

    My best to you and happy holidays.

    1. Well thanks for the nice comment. I really hope I’ll have time for a VOD review (got a title in mind already), but my December is so fucked by real-life stuff I can’t guarantee it.

  3. T

    Hi Sarah,

    This has nothing to do with films but still something I think you might be able to answer.

    How much does celebrity endorsement help a brand? e.g. Jennifer Lawrence and Dior.

    1. I don’t really know, honestly. I don’t know that brands experience significant sales growth because of specific brand ambassadors. Really it just helps create marketing angles. Stick Chris Evans’s face on a cologne ad and you’re saying, “Ladies, your man can smell like this dude you’d like to bone.” Does that significantly drive cologne sales? Probably not, but it’s a hook. Not meaning anything against JLaw, but I don’t think she’s doing much for Dior. She’s not a good match for that brand and too often I think they’re not dressing her well, which in turn makes me not like Dior clothes. Like if you can’t make the 5’10” bombshell look good, what chance do I have? More than anything, I think it just raises general brand awareness–people might notice an ad with JLaw or Emma Watson more than they would a random model because they actually know who JLaw and Watson are. But I don’t think it really effects what brands/items people actually buy.

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