Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Women of Mad Men

The Mad Men season 7 premiere was in LA and the various ladies in Don Draper’s life came out to play. They didn’t all win, but they all played. Let’s do this alphabetically, starting with Alison Brie in Marchesa. Surprise—a Marchesa I don’t hate. It reminds me of Oscar de la Renta’s embroidered dresses this spring (though they’re a lot better than this Marchesa number), and while I wish Brie had styled it a little more, it fits nicely and she looks nice, so it’s nice.

Christina Hendricks went for separates, pairing a black tuxedo blouse with a metallic Wes Gordon skirt. Hendricks sometimes struggles with her boob management, but this outfit is flattering, the girls look good (and not hiked up to her chin), and she gets bonus points for both great makeup and that RIDICUFAB mirrored clutch from Charlotte Olympia. She looks amazing.

Then there’s January Jones, who is so boring she ruins this otherwise cool Roksanda Ilincic asymmetric dress. In and of itself, the dress is great. Imagine it on Cate Blanchett, and you can see its potential. This is a dress that demands to be WORN. Jones is not wearing it—it is wearing her. Her bad posture isn’t helping and the styling is all wrong. I like the messy braid, actually, but it doesn’t go well with such an editorial dress. This dress demands sleeker, futurespace hair, plus she’s washed out by her nothing makeup. Ugh, January Jones. She ruins everything. She’s the Daryl Crowe of real life.

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Elisabeth Moss tried, Elisabeth Moss got it wrong. She’s in Alexander McQueen and it DOESN’T FIT. If this actually fit her properly I might like it more. It’s not particularly inspired but I don’t expect inspiration from Moss, so that would be okay. But it doesn’t remotely fit her and the result is unflattering and uncomfortable. Also her makeup is not good. Her lip shade matches her foundation exactly, which is awful. She has no mouth!

Jessica Pare wore a one-shouldered Antonio Berardi dress that I like well enough but have no strong feelings for. I’d be content enough to settle for this dress but I don’t think it will ever really, truly make me happy. Kind of like Don and Megan Draper, actually.

Teyonah Parris opted for a sky blue Philip Armstrong number that I like but don’t love, mostly because her face is lost between her elaborate hair and her elaborately detailed neckline. That was an either/or choice, not a two-fer. It’s too bad because she has a really lovely magenta lip that you can just barely see between all the busy happening on the top her head and her shoulders. But it’s not a bad look and it fits well—solid B.

The overachiever of the night was Kiernan Shipka in Nina Ricci. Total perfection from top to bottom. It’s stylish and fashion forward, it fits perfectly, she’s styled it right and it’s age appropriate! Shipka is just fourteen and there’s no effort here to make her look like a miniature adult. She looks like a kid who happens to be wearing the shit out of a great dress. A++, best dressed of the night.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Women of Mad Men

  1. Yas

    I know I’m being well harsh over here, but I can’t take anything Hendricks wears seriously. I feel like for some reason , maybe her stylists lack of understanding and knowledge of proportions, she makes things look cheap. I’m 75% sure it’s her stylist, because she IS beautiful .

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