Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Winter Soldier premiere, Europe edition

We’re back for another one of these thingies! With, hopefully, better organized/easier to view photos. Over the week the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit up premieres in Paris and London, and we have a lot to talk about.


Hayley Atwell showed up to the London premiere, wearing grey, bedazzled Julien McDonald and even though I am pretty much over the cut-out trend, this dress works. Partly it’s because Atwell has the body for tit cut-outs, but it’s also just a very flattering dress that is not over-styled. Solid hair and makeup, love the pop of red from the shoes, but this is a lot of dress and Atwell lets it speak for itself (and all it says is TITS).

Johansson, meanwhile, opted for a pantsuit by Michael Kors in Paris earlier this week. I love when women work menswear styles, but this isn’t a full-blown menswear look, it’s just a pantsuit. And between the bright red, the cut of the jacket and the hair, this whole look screams Political Wife. Not as chic as I’d hope from a woman who’s adopted Paris as her hometown. She looked much better in London, where she opted for a darker red dress from Vivienne Westwood. The dress is doing wonders for her upper story, but the draped skirt isn’t terribly flattering in the hips/butt area. Still, by ScarJo standards this is a win, and she has legit great hair and I like the cheetah-print shoes (from Louboutin).

But we need to talk makeup. I know when you wear red the temptation is to do a matching lip, but please resist. Look how tired and washed out Johansson looks in London—that’s entirely the effect of pale eyes/dark lip. She looks much fresher in Paris, where her eyes are more defined. When you have pale features, like Johansson, you need some definition around your eyes or else your entire face pancakes into one dimension, and going dark on the lip only exacerbates the problem. A lighter, contrasting red lip and a touch of shaded shadow around the corners of her eyes and ScarJo wouldn’t look like a ghost.

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We have to talk about what’s going on with Sebastian Stan’s suit at the London premiere. What is that made of? Windbreaker material? Is that a windbreaker suit? I don’t mind the textured jacket—from the waist up, I’m into it, but then I saw the pants and there’s just no way wrinkled pants, even on-purpose wrinkled pants, look anything but sloppy. Also, his hair. The pompadour is not working. Generally you can’t mess up boy hair because it’s so short, but the pompadour thing really only works for shorter guys or guys with smaller faces. Stan is tall and he has a long face—the pompadour is just throwing his forehead proportion out of whack, not adding height or anything like that.

In Paris, Chris Evans pulled out another terrific Gucci suit, this time in teal. Gucci + Evans is a really good matchup, and even though he always looks mildly terrified on red carpets, he does at least look comfortable in his clothes. My only quibble—and this is minor—is that a white shirt would work slightly better. The matching tie and shirt isn’t terrible, but a white shirt would’ve given the suit just a little more pop. In London, he opted for a pinstripe Etro suit with a paisley tie. I wish the pinstripe was more muted—it’s bordering on Mafioso territory—but overall it’s a good look, tailored and stylish and not working too hard.

There is, however, a slight Suit Problem happening with Evans. It’s not egregious, but as he is carrying twenty extra pounds of muscle, most of which is stacked on his upper body, proportions are more of a thing. He favors three-piece suits but with the extra bulk the vests start becoming problematic. So far he’s skirted the issue by wearing really well-cut vests that are extremely tailored, but it runs the risk of making him look thick. Similarly, the skinny tie gets harder to wear, too. The paisley tie could be a smidge wider—Evans is so broad right now it looks like a string tie on him.

Also experiencing a Suit Problem is Anthony Mackie, who is having a Defcon 1 Banker Suit Problem. This is dead boring. The suit itself is boring but a little color would spruce it up. A crimson tie would work, or a lighter shirt. But since the actual suit is just a boring blue banker suit, we were only ever going to get merely okay out of this look. I’ve retroactively upgraded his shiny red suit in LA—at least it was interesting to look at.

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Winter Soldier premiere, Europe edition

  1. Unless Scarlett is quadruple spanxing like Beyonce did, I call bullshit about her being five months pregnant; I say three months going on four. If she is spanxing to that extant, that can’t be heathy for the baby right?

    1. I have no concept how showing/not showing works, but I don’t think she’s 5 months along, either. She’s totally got pregnancy boobs, but otherwise, it’s not showing. I’d say 3-4 months, too.

  2. I true what you say about her makeup, but being pale as a ghost myself, I do get bored of the same define-eyes-pale-lip makeup and go for the dark lip, even if i look like I’m headed for goth extravaganza.

    1. You can define your eyes without going with heavy/dark shadow. Take a look at Scarlett’s face–she uses white/neutral eyeshadow all around her eyes, with only a little grey on her lid. Neutrals just don’t do well with pale features. I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but a good way to define without going heavy is to choose a colored shadow, like a warm pink and brush it across your whole lid and blend up and out toward the corner of your eye. Don’t use shadow under your brow bone and you’ll get a great natural highlight with minimal effort/application.

  3. Yas

    I’m naturally pale as a ghost, so I’m talking from experience. How you do your brows with a red lipsticks matters more than what color or how much eyeshadow you wear with it or if you’re matching your lipstick to your clothes. Her eyebrows look powdered, and her contouring seems REALLY muddy. That being said, matching red lipstick to red dress to red carpet is not really an A lister look. On and all from her dress, to her brows, to her color selection, she must have been having an off day, because she looks tired as all hell too.

    1. I think the makeup is making her look tired! She looked a lot better earlier in the day at the press conference. But that makeup is washing her out. She should’ve left her eye makeup like this.

      1. Yas

        That is a really good look. I don’t understand why naturally beautiful women like Scarlett who look way better with light and little makeup always insist on dark colors and piles of foundation and powder

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