Fall Movie Preview: October 2013

October 4


I like Adam Scott (Parks & Rec, Party Down) a lot, and though he’s best known for being part of the ensemble (Step-Brothers) he is fully capable of carrying a project (see also: Party Down). But A.C.O.D. (“adult child of divorce”) isn’t that funny and it largely wastes the very real depth and sorrow he can bring to characters (see also: PARTY DOWN). I knew a guy who went through his parents’ divorce as an adult and it really did a number on him, so this can be rich emotional ground, but this comes off more as a shallow examination of a spoilt person than a look at how divorce can devastate even a grown-ass man.



Alfonso Cuaron’s space epic has been earning rave reviews on the fall festival circuit, mostly for the technical prowess involved in making it but also for Sandra Bullock’s performance. This is one that I will splurge on, going all-out for 3D IMAX. It was actually conceived and made to be seen that way, not converted later as an afterthought.


No one likes the latest take on President Kennedy’s assassination.


Runner Runner


The Summit

Eleven mountain climbers died in a single day while summiting K2. This is a documentary about that. It’s gotten GREAT reviews and sounds terrifying. I’m making an effort to find this one, even in a crowded October dominated by award bait.



In which a Viking king must battle Thor because YES, OF COURSE. Starring this guy.

I need this movie in my life yesterday.

October 11

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks is getting some of the best reviews of his career, which is really saying something, for his portrayal of the captain of a freighter that is overtaken by Somali pirates. Based on a true story and directed by Paul Greengrass (supposedly using less shaky-cam than ever), this looks super tense and is one of my must-sees for the month.


Do you know how awesome a down and dirty movie about legendary New York punk venue CBGB would be?


Do you know how awesome a movie about legendary New York rock venue CBGB starring Twilight’s Ashley Greene and Red Riding Hood’s disgustingly greasy Shiloh Fernandez would be?



Machete Kills

So what, exactly, does Robert Rodriguez do to keep getting movies made?

Romeo & Juliet


October 18

12 Years a Slave

It’s already the Oscar favorite in pretty much every category. It’s the third collaboration between director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender (following Hunger and Shame), and it ought to propel Chiwetel Ejiofor (Love Actually) into the public consciousness. And maybe it will finally get Brad Pitt that Oscar he’s been craving.


All Is Lost

Writer/director JC Chandor follows up Margin Call with the story of a sailor (Robert Redford) stranded in a crippled boat after colliding with a freighter, and he hit a grand slam. All Is Lost has been blowing critics’ minds since Cannes, and though it might be tough to find in limited release, it’ll be worth getting around to eventually.



Yes. A thousand times yes.

Escape Plan

This is just getting sad.

The Fifth Estate

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Julian Assange with Daniel Bruhl (Rush) as Assange’s partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg in a biopic depicting the rapid rise and fall of WikiLeaks. Reviews have not been good, but Bruhl and The Batch have been praised for their acting. I’m curious mostly because the Wikileaks story is totally fascinating and I already really liked Alex Gibney’s documentary on the subject.

Also The Batch. Always and forever, The Batch.


Kill Your Darlings

I should be interested in seeing Daniel Radcliffe portray Allen Ginsberg circa 1944, when he was a college student and got sucked into a murder investigation that also involved William Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston, Boardwalk Empire), but the only Daniel Radcliffe movie I care about right now is Horns.


October 25

Bad Grandpa

Jackass shamelessly rips off Borat and I don’t care. This looks fucking hilarious and by the end of the month I am going to be in desperate need of something funny after all the heavy shit that’s come before.

Blue is the Warmest Color

This movie is hot. It’s HOT. It’s a sexy movie that features a lot of sex between two very sexy French women. It’s NC-17 and totally earns it.

But it’s also sad. Heartbreakingly sad. Everyone will want to be pervy about it, because of all the sex, but I walked away feeling deeply sad and like there’s no point to anything. Which is totally depressing but it is a very good movie, featuring two bananas performances from Adele Exarchopoulos (I Used to be Darker) and Lea Seydoux (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).


The Counselor

A Michael Fassbender movie in which I won’t feel bad about thinking he’s a sexy beast!

Also it’s the first original screenplay from acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy and is directed by Ridley Scott. I doubt it will impact the award race in any way (and given the cast, behind the camera talent and release date, someone wanted it to), but it looks like a pretty decent thriller.

4 thoughts on “Fall Movie Preview: October 2013

  1. Kate

    Lower expectations for The Counselor. It’s a horrendous screenplay that’s basically a series of disconnected monologues. Zero characterization of the lead; Bardem and Diaz have some zingy, buzzy material though.

  2. Hi Sarah, do you think that we have any hope of Filth getting a North American release soon? I don’t understand why they don’t think there’s an audience!

  3. nikki


    Really want to see the Fifth Estate. Love the Batch and the story is so interesting.

    I cannot wait to see 12 years as well. Been dying to see it since production was announced.

    Saw Gravity at TIFF and again yesterday in an IMAX. Such an achievement. The second time blew my mind even more! I have some problems with the dialogue at parts and the director did admit during the Q&A that he struggled writing certain scenes but OMG is it visually stunning, and compelling, and both times I was on the edge of my seat.

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