Summer Movie Preview: May 2013

Let’s pretend like I didn’t forget to do this for April and almost May, too. Good? Good!

May 3

Generation Um

I suppose this is one of those “Generation X grew up to be so annoying, am I right?” movies. It’s about three different people spread across Manhattan on a single day, and one of those people is Keanu Reeves. It looks spectacularly uninteresting.


Greetings from Tim Buckley

This is actually available On Demand right now through the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s okay. Penn Badgley gives it his all—and he’s better than I was expecting—but it’s not a definitive portrait of singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley. It’s mostly notable for showing that Badgley, a former Gossip Girl twat, has some depth to him and for frequently displaying Imogen Poots’ insanely gorgeous face.  As for the singing, it’s not embarrassing by any means. But it’s a far cry from Buckley’s power and evocative tone. But then, to be fair, who’s really going to be able to even get close to Buckley’s distinctive voice?


The Iceman

Michael Shannon and his serial killer stare portray Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, whom I learned about after Googling him when Gutterson made a reference on Justified once. He was a contract killer who murdered over a hundred people all while maintaining a perfectly ordinary family life. I have it in my head now that Gutterson knows all the serial killers and their tallies.

Bonus: Chris Evans is virtually unrecognizable as fellow hitman “Mr. Freezy”.


Iron Man 3


Full review here.

What Maisie Knew

This is a weird place to open this film. Starring Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and Alexander Skarsgard and directed by the solid, character-focused duo of Scott McGehee and David Siegel (Bee Season, The Deep End), this seems more like a September or October release—something closer to award season for sure. So either it’s not that good or it’s so good they hope it will have enough legs to carry it into award season. Not going to be much middle ground between those two options.


May 10


Eli Roth stars in this horror movie, which he also co-wrote and produced, about people trapped after a severe earthquake in Chile. Horror isn’t usually my thing but I like Roth, and the trailer is cool. Bloody, though. Anything involving Roth in a creative capacity is always gory.

The Great Gatsby

I liked Romeo + Juliet and I LOVE Moulin Rouge, but Australia blew monkey chunks and given that Gatsby was booted off its original award-season release and that the soundtrack and the clothes seem to be the biggest selling points…I’m concerned this is going to be all spectacle and no substance. Which is a shame, because the cast is kind of brilliant, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and Joel Edgerton. It works on paper, but…

And why is it in 3D?!


Tyler Perry’s last film was so misogynistic and gross (a woman who commits adultery by basically being raped then contracts HIV from her “seducer” while her now ex-husband marries a sweet Christian woman who would never ever cheat) that I can’t imagine what horrible moral Peeples, in which a man (Craig Robinson, The Office) surprises his girlfriend (Kerry Washington) on a trip home to visit her family with the intention of getting her domineering father’s (David Alan Grier) approval to propose. Sounds innocuous, right? Hopefully it is just a harmless piece of fluff, since Perry is just the producer. But after the toxic Temptation, I have no patience for anything Tyler Perry.

May 17

Star Trek Into Darkness

When it’s cold/And the light is gone/When no one is home/And you’re alone/Star trek into darkness/Yeah, yeah/Stark Trek Into Darkness

Still the stupidest title of the summer. Movie looks cool, though. Bonus points for The Batch.

Frances Ha

I feel like Greta Gerwig has lost a little steam as Everyone’s Indie Darling since the arrival of Brit Marling. But she’s reteamed with her Greenberg director Noah Baumbach for Frances Ha. They co-wrote the screenplay together and it’s gotten decent reviews but it’s not going to serve as a breakout for Gerwig. It’s too far below the radar and she doesn’t have the star power to push it ahead of more glitzy indie offerings like The Iceman and Before Midnight. Still, a solid choice for On Demand or Netflix.


May 24

Before Midnight

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and now, Before Midnight. Richard Linklater’s ongoing portrait of would-be lovers Jesse and Celine continues, proving that franchises aren’t just for the studios. I’ve never been super into these movies for the same reason I hated Serendipity—at what point do you stop fucking with fate and just get the goddamn hint already? I’m not patient enough for movies like this.



AKA Fern Gully 3: Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

The trailer gets points for a good use of Snow Patrol.

Fast & Furious 6

AKA Paul Walker & Vin Diesel Are Broke Again 6.

The Hangover Part III

The marketing campaign makes a point of emphasizing that this is the end of the “wolfpack trilogy”, promising that there will be no more of these, so at least someone at Warner Brothers realizes we’re all sick of these assholes.

We Steal Secrets: The Wikileaks Story

Documentarian Alex Gibney (Client 9, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) got strong reviews out of Sundance for his examination of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. There are a lot of Wikileaks/Assange projects are coming down the pipe within the next few years—including one starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruehl later this year—but Gibney, an experienced and interesting documentarian, is sure to produce one of the more informative and fascinating looks at the whole mess.


May 31

After Earth

Will Smith made this instead of Django Unchained. Also it’s directed by M. Night Shyamalan. So it sucks.

The East

Another Earth and Sound of My Voice collaborators Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling got together again and made The East, their most accessible effort yet. The East is about an investigator (Marling), who starts to fall under the spell of the charismatic anarchist (Alexander Skarsgard) whose cult-like group she’s infiltrating. Reviews have been good, particularly for the acting. Ellen Page also stars.


The Kings of Summer

A Sundance standout, The Kings of Summer is about runaways who live in the woods and it stars Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec) and Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men).

Runaways who live in the woods. …Is that you, long-awaited Boxcar Children movie?

Now You See Me

One of the more intriguing original titles in the mass market this summer, Now You See Me has a tremendous cast (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine) and is scored by the Chemical Brothers. But director Louis Leterrier scares me. He’s responsible for The Transporter, which is a badass B-grade action movie, but he also made The Transporter 2, Clash of the Titans, and The Incredible Hulk, the Marvel movie everyone pretends didn’t happen. The concept is great—magicians commit heists and give the cash away during their act—and the trailer is tight, but…Clash of the Titans. Transporter 2. And The Incredible Hulk. They SUCKED.

3 thoughts on “Summer Movie Preview: May 2013

  1. This has nothing to do with this post. It has to do with Tom Hiddleston and your eagle eye on him, which I agree, he’s try-hard and eager. But now in your LG every post, you seem to tie it back to Tom with this stain of judgment. I am not hating on you, I like all your posts, and I get it. I am surprised people are just now noticing his eagerness. I think I first noticed it when that bogus story came out about him and Chastain dating. Whether it was true or not, the timing was interesting. But why all the stain of judgement? What actor isn’t eager or try-hard? I am sure Ben Foster, Tom Sturridge, Jim Sturgess, etc etc are all doing things Tom does. But because Tom came with this overnight Hollywoodland success story and an overnight fandom to boot, we are just paying extra attention to him. I don’t think it’s so much that he’s extra, than we are just paying extra attention, to him. If you’ve ever been acknowledged for artistic talent in your life, there is this rush of feeling relevant. It’s the most incredible feeling and you want to maintain that and keep that feeling going because it’s an adrenaline. And Tom Hiddleston came out of nowhere, got this feeling, and is working very hard to make sure it lingers for a long ass time. Thats all Tom is trying to do. He hasn’t had a gradual rise like Cumberbatch. Tom had a sudden arrival! And they’re kind of swimming in the same swimming pools. So why the judgmental comparison of two completely different ascensions? Tom has that cutey face and Benedict’s is a slightly more acquired taste. Come on, he played the creepy pedophile in Atonement. Some 8 years ago? Some people are meant for gradual rise and the smaller-role ascension to success. That clearly hasn’t been Tom’s success story… Tom who came out of nowhere and had a highly unattainable past few years. Tom who came out of nowhere and starred opposite Rachel Weisz in an award-season bait of a film. Out of nowhere, he–in 3 years, worked with some amazing directors. And out of nowhere, he acquired a psychotic fangirl-dom that send him slutty fan art of himself and occupy the slutty vernacular streets of Tumblr. And out of nowhere, he was the practical lead of the film The Avengers, aka, The 1 Billion Dollar Film. He’s not an overnight acting sensation, but he’s a bit of an overnight Hollywoodland success story, and in that, where does he go next? He is definitely not going to settle. He has not made any huge error. And he definitely isn’t more eager than anyone else. He’s just more “new” to the Hollywood game. He got dealt a great hand, like some sort of beginner’s luck, and doesn’t have the season to know how to handle it. He’s learning. But since, historically, you’ve taken a liking to Hiddleston, paying too much attention to someone’s rise in fame can cause you to get sick of that person, real quick, b/c you’re paying attention to every little thing they do–to the point that they annoy you and your initial fan-ness starts to backfire on you. You’re nit picking and you’re making a mountain out of a molehill with the stupid MTV Movie Awards and the stupid Crow screentest. I noticed Tom’s eagerness as soon as that story came out about him supposedly dating Jessica Chastain. Which bothered me. But, I am still rooting for the guy. I’m surprised some blogs are just now picking up on his eagerness. But at the end of the day, everyone is eager. For Tom, he is eager and on top of that, he is new, and on top of that, he’s had some over night Hollywoodland success. And the attention he gets from the internet, my god… so then he has an eagle eye from people like you watching his every move and I feel like you are poking at him a bit much, but only because you’ve always paid attention to him. Just lay off him a bit. 1.5 cringeworthy moments from the month of April does not warrant this excessive poking

    1. Well, one, I can guarantee Ben Foster does NOT do the things Tom Hiddleston does. And two, we noticed his eager-beaver attitude last year during Avengers press when interviewers had to tell him to shut up and let his costars speak, so it’s not a new revelation for most of us. We’ve accepted this as part of his personality and either like it or don’t like it.

      But here’s why I mentioned him in comparison to Cumberbatch–Cumberbatch did not have a slow rise by accident, he chose it. He caught industry attention years and years ago and then proceeded to not come to Hollywood. It drove everyone crazy. It was, “He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s finally coming,” and then, no, he wouldn’t come. He’d be in a BBC production, or take a supporting role in a Brit film, and stay in London. He actively chose to not have the overnight explosion. Totally could’ve, like, three years ago, but he waited. He built a very strong foundation and now he’s having his moment. It was a deliberate choice to slow things down and be patient, and it’s really paying off, not just in fame levels but in the quality of projects he’s being offered and the number and type of people who want to work with him and the position of power this puts him in (like if he wanted The Crow, he’d get The Crow, no campaigning necessary).

      Yes, Hiddleston blew up overnight. And yes, to a large extent, that’s out of his hands. But now that he is in the place he is in, when he can very well afford some patience and let things come to him, he’s pushing pretty hard for the next big thing and I can’t help but feel that it might end up hurting him down the road. Hiddleston’s career is, at present, in great shape, but it wouldn’t kill him to consider which is more important, the fame or the foundation, because how you go about building one versus the other are totally different and one is definitely more long-lasting. I do like Hiddleston, a lot, and I’d like to keep seeing him in top-tier projects. Which is why I wouldn’t mind seeing him take a longer view on things.

      1. nwandoful

        Wow, thanks for replying to my post!

        You’re right, Tom has always had a component of annoying to his personality that was clear before MTV Villain of the Year-gate. And you’re right, kind of like Anne Hathaway, people who pay extra attention–it is not news to them if their annoyingness starts to show in public. I didn’t mean to imply that blogs that cater to his fandom are just now noticing his eagerness, but I feel like they’re just now, full-on complaining, I suppose. It’s like, after the MTV Movie Awards, people are complaining about Tom instead of shrugging off his personality. People are calling him out! I don’t want the movie awards to become something that us Hiddles-fans always have to have reflected back in our faces to encourage us to abort fandom or something. And by blogs complaining… I am really only referencing two blogs, including LG, so I should probably get over that two blogs, out of thousands, pay extra attention to Tom Hiddleston and notice things going unnoticed to the other 998 blogs that don’t b/c they’re too busy posting about Brangelina to evaluate the Hiddlestons and Redmaynes of the world. But like Anne Hathaway, I don’t want people to hate him for being eager. Like, any Hathaway fan, you probably always noticed she is a total nerd/geek/eager-beaver, and you shrugged it off. And then, one day, the whole internet woke-up and figured it out and she turned into the world’s most horrible person for simply having an annoying personality? That really frustrated me. I just don’t want that to happen to Tom–Tom who is not even THAT famous. I need to get a grip. I guess I should be happy that two blogs out of thousands notice, yet alone care. …And I just said Ben Foster because I couldnt think of anyone else in that moment… and yeah, Brit Marling kicking some indie ass… and yeah, I saw the Now You See Me trailer when my sister and I went to see Place Beyond the Pines, and yeah, it makes me nervous

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