The Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere was a fashion nightmare

Last night was the final Twilight premiere, and it was a fashion train wreck. I’ve identified designers where possible but I didn’t kill myself looking, so feel free to correct/add an ID, and I will maybe remember to update eventually. Let’s judge people based on what they chose to wear one night out of their lives!

Nikki Reed (Versace): B

I like the cut/fit of the dress, and her styling is good, I just don’t like the faux-corset detailing Versace is doing this season. Would’ve liked it better without the studding.

Ashley Greene (Donna Karan): C+

Good styling, EXCELLENT earrings, and I like the color of the gown with her tanned complexion, I just don’t like the dress. It’s too wedding-y. (Seriously, Vera Wang did a line of wedding dresses just like that several years ago.)

Elizabeth Reaser (Carolina Herrera): C

1) It’s boring, 2) it’s made of that cheap taffeta, 3) it’s wrinkled. She looks like a bridesmaid. She is Ashley Greene’s bridesmaid.

Dakota Fanning (Elie Saab): D+

The brunette hair is not flattering, her makeup makes her look like she has the plague, and that dress is for someone with a serious FIGURE, like Halle Berry. It’s too much dress for DFann. Nice color and I love the clutch, though.

Saorise Ronan (Simone Rocha): A-

SO cute. Not crazy about the hair (awfully severe), but she looks great for 1) not being a star on the night and 2) being 18.

Elle Fanning (Prada): A for effort?

I really appreciate that she’s turning into an adventurous fashion girl but nothing about that is really working, especially the shoes. Yet she does still look cute and age appropriate. She knows how to style, even if she is wearing a sateen nightmare frock.

Teresa Palmer: F

Too much bronzer, bad hair, tacky dress. She looks like a Vegas cocktail waitress.

Stephenie Meyer: B-

It’s not that I like her outfit, it’s just that this is the best she’s ever looked at one of these things. It’s graded on the curve of her previous horrendous appearances.

Julianne Hough (Kaufmanfranco): F

She is also wearing a tacky dress and the hair poof is looking kind of dated. She can join Teresa Palmer on the cocktail floor.

Julia Jones: A+

Everything about this look is working, plus GREAT makeup. God she’s so pretty.

Mackenzie Foy: A-

I’m not crazy about white tights, but she’s 9 or whatever, and she looks adorable, so it’s okay.

Stevie Nicks: B for showing up?

Why was she there…?

Tinsel Korey: C-

DATED. She looks more dated than Stevie Nicks.

Christian Serratos (Zac Posen): C+

Love the dress, HATE the hair. She’s unrecognizable!

Maggie Grace (Bibhu Mohapatra): B-

I love the evergreen color, but the skirt is partially made of that awful cheap sateen and I don’t understand what’s happening on the bust. Also she is a HORRIBLE actress.

Peter Facinelli: B+

It fits, great fabric, but I’m deducting for the boring Dad Tie.

Kellan Lutz: C+

Points for involving color (I always like it when guys get a little adventurous, since there’s only so much they can do with a suit), but shawl collars look awful on big-shouldered men. It’s an unflattering cut on him.

Charlie Bewley: A

He knows how to work it. Might be a little too much of the cuffs showing, but it’s such a beautifully tailored suit, and it’s not shiny!

Taylor Lautner (Zegna): A-

Also knows how to work it. Love the steel grey. Not loving the chin fuzz.

Jackson Rathbone: B-

Great color, great cut, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT MATERIAL? It’s like he’s wearing an oil slick.

Billy Burke: B+

Points deduction for generally sloppy air, but he can rock the all black and not look like a mobster.

Michael Sheen: A

I mean, if you can’t wear a crushed velvet blazer to a Twilight premiere, when can you wear it? Also, that’s a great tie.

And the big two:

Robert Pattinson (Gucci): B+

Great color, great cut, bonus points for shaving and getting a trim, but a deduction for shininess. I wish the material was more matte than this, because I really do like the suit, minus the sheen.

Kristen Stewart (Zuhair Murad): C+

Color, cut, and fit are total wins, but I HATE the see through-ness. I’m completely over this sheer-skirted trend because it doesn’t flatter anyone (see also: granny panties). I’m also not crazy about the sheer bustier or the exposed zipper on the back. It’s cheap. That’s my problem with Zuhair Murad—it always looks cheap, regardless of who wears it. Points for styling though—great hair and makeup, am really digging the fuchsia lipstick, and I do appreciate the statement of the dress. Kristen Stewart will not hide. LITERALLY.

15 thoughts on “The Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere was a fashion nightmare

  1. hilda

    I thought Kristen looked fantastic lol! It’s not a dress i’d wear myself but as the queen of the night and as a 22 year old with a figure to die for – why not?

  2. Charli

    What happened? Is it because of the scandal? You seem to hate Kristen Stewart now? I guess it’s understandable but I really feel sorry for this girl. She’s trying her best to rectify her mistake at least she’s not hiding under a rock somewhere. How do we know that she wasn’t going through something with her relationship with rob that why that happened…people seem to think that he’s perfect but I doubt it. He must have done something to her in the past to make him take her back so easily…plus Kristen just wanted to have an affair she could have had it with anyone but she chose an older married guy…that has to mean something. I just thought since you used to like her and even praise her in some of her movies you wouldn’t be so harsh just like the rest of the world.

    1. I wondered how long it would take someone to make the leap from “I don’t like this dress” to “I hate Kristen Stewart and she must die in a fire”.

      I don’t give a shit about what she did. It was dumb, but she’s hardly the only 22 year old, or actress, to make that same mistake. I highly doubt it’s indicative of an actual personality flaw so much as a boneheaded thing she did in her early twenties. I don’t mean to downplay that it wasn’t a really super stupid choice to make, but I’m not flogging her over a barrel for it.

      That doesn’t change the fact that she wore an ugly dress.

      1. hilda

        By tweeting that you are going to get a truck load of haters and fans coming to fight and say have the same conversation they’ve been having for months. Haters think she should be ruined and are furious she is still breathing, fans think people need to back off and find something else to obsess over.

        You might want to batten down the hatches!

      2. Johanna

        If I’m not mistaken, you used to be Kstew411 on twitter…? For someone who used to be such a devoted fan, you’re always really harsh when talking about her… I guess that now that you’re in the gossip world, being a bitch about Kristen Stewart (like everybody else) is a good thing…? I get it (errr… no, I don’t), you have to fit in…
        Interesting that after the “scandal” some of her most fanatical fans became some of her most fanatical haters… I guess that she had many “saints” as fans who felt terrible insulted by her mistake, lol. Good. Now she has only real fans. The ones who stayed no matter what.

    2. hilda

      ‘You seem to hate Kristen Stewart now? I guess it’s understandable ‘

      Sorry but how is it understandable to hate a stranger just because they kissed somebody who wasn’t their boyfriend? Will you people ever get some perspective!

      Guess what, i cheated on my boyfriend when i was 19 too! OMG stone me alive!

  3. Tracy

    I, too, hated Liz Reaser’s dress. She’s such a nice girl with great, thick hair. Who told her a powder blue taffeta dress was a good move?

    I would have like Kristen’s dress better if there was either a full or mini slip under it. The fit and color, though, were outstanding, as were her hair and makeup.


  4. ridley

    Truthful observation! With the patina of time, I’m sure I’d feel the the same.
    Have to give points to Kristen for keeping people on their toes tho. Like it or not, it was a provocative dress and the ensemble worked! It made you take a look and remember that she really is her own person. Right or wrong.
    Also…. any thoughts on Balenciaga, now that Nic is gone.
    Now on to the review Lincoln Review. Pretty please.

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