Happy First Annual Male Objectification Day!

Because men aren’t the only ones who can be pervy. We like to look, too. And turnabout is fair play. So I asked for your suggestions and added in some of my favorites and here we have it, the first ever celebration of the Female Gaze, Cinesnark style. And for the three dudes reading this—um, fun?

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20 thoughts on “Happy First Annual Male Objectification Day!

  1. Mary

    I agree with everything, but the Gos. I’m deeply sorry about that. and yes, I’ve seen CSL. But Idris….OMG Idris and I TOTALLY get the LPILF. Totally.

  2. layla

    I like men… and I definitely like objectifyng them.
    Happy Hump Day indeed!

    In regards to The Batch… I never really got it (and yep, I watch Sherlock), then Pajiba posted a GIF and Oh MY GOD. I had to take some serious time to myself. Wooooah Boy!

  3. Erica

    THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE GETS PETER DINKLAGE. Also, yes to all of your picks, especially Cumberbatch, Hiddleston, McGregor, Ejiofor.

  4. Chris

    For a second there, I thought you omitted the Fassbender, which would have voided the whole list… but 1) great taste and 2) GREAT LIST. Agree with every single one of them (even if SuperHero Gos leaves me unfussed).

  5. nizzy

    slash fic on Diego and Gael? can you write one Sarah? and thank you for still including Askars..damn those baby blues!

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