Programming notes and other miscellany

All right, first, if you haven’t been here recently, you may be noticing the new color scheme. You complained loud enough for long enough, so I finally figured out how to change the layout to a more retina-friendly look. You’re welcome.

Second, there’s a new item in the sidebar called “In Theaters Now”. My friend R suggested that I add a permanent feature that would make it easy to find the monthly movie previews since they break down what is coming out in theaters weekend by weekend and apparently not everyone memorizes the release slate a year in advance. So now you can find a quick link to the movie previews on the sidebar. As new previews post, they’ll be added. You get the idea.

Next up—May is a bad month. The Cannes Film Festival starts today and I’ll be writing more for LaineyGossip over the next couple weeks, filling in a bit as Lainey traipses around Cannes covering the festival for eTalk (follow her Twitter for jealousy-inducing updates from the Riviera). Following on the heels of Cannes, I leave for a long business trip that takes me through to the end of the month. So content on Cinesnark will be spotty, if not non-existent this month. Sorry?

And finally, I’d like to try something new. I spend a lot of time here giving my opinion on movies, and you all are nice enough to read them, but it’s a pretty one-sided exchange. I offer up an example of my taste, my likes and dislikes, and you agree or disagree and then that’s kind of it. There’s no reciprocity. So in the spirit of exchange, I’m introducing the Netflix Instant Share. Here’s the deal: You can suggest any title available on Netflix Instant and I will watch it and review it.

Seriously, anything goes. Any genre, any era, foreign films, documentaries, miniseries, anything. The only thing I won’t watch are TV shows. TV is my escape from movies and unless I love something so much I think everyone else should love it, too, I tend to keep TV to myself. So TV shows are out but anything else—absolutely anything—is fair game as long as I can pull it off Netflix Instant. And why do this? It’s the only way I can think of to get to know you guys, what you’re into and what kind of content you may want to see in future. I’m not a selfish film blogger. I can make it about you, too.

So leave your suggestions in the comments below or tweet me with something you think I should see. Or you know, come up with the most torturously awful movie you can think of and see if you can break me. (You can’t break me. I have seen Meet the Feebles. SEVERAL TIMES.) I’ll post my first reaction to Netflix Instant Share in June when I resume my semi-regularly, almost-timely blogging duties.

13 thoughts on “Programming notes and other miscellany

  1. Catherine

    Alright my choice is Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, though I don’t know what type that falls under since it was orginally aired as a web series type thing.

    My second pick is Avatar the Last Airbender. (this one may actually make you yell in anger especially if you have seen the show)

  2. Oki Doke : The Good, The Bad and The Weird,
    The Green Butchers,
    Seven Swords by Tsui Hark,
    Stranger Than Fiction,
    Layer Cake

    Have a great time in Cannes

  3. Lula

    The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Simultaneously hilarious and tragic…and how often does one have the opportunity to see a women snorting Oxy off her hospital bedside table, mere moments after giving birth?

    (Agree with Clementine–Downtown Abbey is quality programming. Maggie Smith gives an amazing performance.)

  4. Cristi

    You should see Love in Time of Cholera, I am not sure if I liked the movie because I really love the book (although I don’t consider myself a romantic) but I think it was a good adaptation, I am curious to see what you think about it

  5. Dee Dee

    Girl Please….I LOVE meet the feebles. I have that on dvd

    Aaaaaanyway. Hmmm, Netflix Instant challenge eh?

    Ok, can we only name one choice? Well, even if we do, Im sure you will only pick one of the three so here goes:

    The Passion of Joan of Arc: Yeah, pretty much anyone wanting to potray the mysterious soldier and saint should hang it up, because Maria Falconetti’s performance was so emotional,intense, in the moment and overwrought, homegirl had a break-down after the movie and never acted again . there aint no topping that.

    Time Bandits: well, they dont have Brazil for instant, but they do have Time Bandits, another terry gilliam flick. This was a childhood favorite of mine, dont judge me. To me Brazil is one of the most cogently solid, frame by frame not a shot or second wasted movies every made. Time Bandits is just funny as hell.

    Blue Gold: World Water Wars: you will think twice when you but a bottle of water, if you ever buy one again. I cried.

    Red Letter Media: all three star wars prequel reviews. Im cheating( again) because its not on Netflix, but it you can watch it streaming on the red letter media site. Totally eviscerates George Lucas and his half ass directing and blatant money grabbing with the prequel films. Word around the campfire is that they will do a Crystal Skulls review as well so., there is that.

  6. Dee Dee


    The Baxter- a romantic comedy from the point of view of the guy the heroine leaves for her old bf at the end. great great movie.

  7. Deanna

    Ok, I’m a little late to this game but I’d like to offer up a movie.
    It’s called
    GIRL 27 -David Stenn directed, it’s a documentary…wait, scratch that…it’s a very eye opening, crazy, truth bearing look into the Hollywood that we all “think” we know. It’s good.

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