A couch potato’s Comic Con

I win the “Couch Potato of the Week” award for dragging ass and taking forever to throw together a photo post of Comic Con 2010. I’m too broke and lazy to attend, but my friend AD goes every year and this year she sent me some nice pictures of the goings-on down San Diego way. Enjoy the freakery.

Tron and Scott Pilgrim easily out-advertised everyone else.

Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet was not as well received as hoped. I am beginning to have real fears for this movie.

Bow before your master.  No seriously, as the brain trust behind The Avengers, Whedon will own Comic Con for the next couple years, if his rockstar reception in Hall H was anything to go by.

How nerdy is Comic Con? So nerdy they print the signs in English and Klingon.

This dude has the best costume I’ve ever seen. Comic Con is famous for giving you a bunch of crap to carry around–this guy made a costume out of it.

Although this guy wins “best costume runner up” for using what appear to be giant starfishes on his Fandango Mascot get up.

The companion dog dressed as Spider Man gets an honorable mention for being awesome. Also, this was the closest Spider Man got to Comic Con, as Sony couldn’t be buggered to introduce their new, nobody-recognizes-him Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, Never Let Me Go) to geek nation.

Fans of NBC’s Chuck (do you watch Chuck? If not, DO) organized a “tweet up” in San Diego and show stars Josh Gomez (Morgan), Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome), Sarah Lancaster (Ellie), and Chuck himself, Zachary Levi, showed up. THAT is how you win at Comic Con.

And finally, buy me this:

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