I like Chris Evans and I’m not apologizing for it.

Why do people keep making fun of me for liking Chris Evans? Have you seen Chris Evans? Look:

Why am I justifying liking this? HE’S HOT. And if you don’t think he’s hot, that’s cool. Just means more for me.

But I also like Chris Evans the actor. He’s entertaining. I don’t consider anything he’s been in as particularly distinguished, but on several occasions, I have thought he was the best part of an otherwise mediocre movie (Fantastic Four and The Losers, for instance). And now that he has recently been named as Captain America, Evans seems poised to be the next Harrison Ford.


Hear me out.

Think about Harrison Ford for a second. What comes to mind? Handsome, charismatic, good screen presence, decent enough actor, seems like a cool guy to hang out with. Now consider Evans. Handsome? Check. Charismatic, has good screen presence? Yes and yes. Decent enough actor? Well he’s never made me roll my eyes at obvious cheese, even in cheesy movies, so sure. He might not win an Oscar, but he’ll get the job done. Does he seem like a cool guy to hang out with? I don’t know. Evans’ public persona is pretty nondescript. He’s not famous enough to have a big personality. But what I have seen from him, especially recently as the media attention swelled around the Captain America announcement, is a nice guy, a humble-ish guy. I caught a couple interviews from Wondercon a few weeks ago and he demurred from talking about himself, preferring to stick to the work he was promoting (The Losers). That’s always a good sign. He definitely seems like he could be That Guy the way Ford is That Guy—the one men want to have a beer with and women want to be with. We’ll have plenty of opportunity to see more of the public Chris Evans over the next year as he gets into Captain America’s star-spangled body suit. For now, Evans is more of a known quantity on-screen than off. Check him out in this clip from The Losers:

See? Charismatic and entertaining.

Now consider Harrison Ford’s movies. By and large, Ford makes (made?) action/adventure movies, some in a lighter vein like Indiana Jones and some more serious in tone, such as The Fugitive. Evans is already treading that ground. His resume is full of action movies both comic (The Losers) and dark (Push). For the record, I prefer funny Chris Evans to scowly Chris Evans. He’s at his best when he’s cracking jokes in the middle of a fight scene. I’m really hoping Marvel/Paramount picked him for Captain America because they intend to give Cap a personality. And Evans has plenty of personality to give. He does motor-mouthed sarcastic wit extremely well. I’ve made the comparison before—Evans is like Ryan Reynolds minus Reynolds’ douche attitude. Where Reynolds often sulks down red carpets pouting, prissy-faced and sour, Evans at worst sometimes looks confused. Both of these guys will be selling superhero movies next year. It will be interesting to see who wins.

I like Chris Evans. I’m rooting for Chris Evans. I hope Captain America works out well, and that he gives us a sexy, modern superhero with some wit and bite. Someone who can go toe to toe down the line with Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark. And I expect that, as Harrison Ford slows down his output, Chris Evans picks up the slack and brings us entertaining action/adventure fare for years to come.

PS: Looking at Evans’ IMDb, he has some random indies I’ve never heard of before. I may be Netflixing a couple titles to judge his actual acting talent. If he can really act, and not just entertain—watch out.

14 thoughts on “I like Chris Evans and I’m not apologizing for it.

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  2. maximum

    Check. Check. Check. Check. And CHECK!

    The man can act – great combination of good looks and talent.

    On his indie or smaller films – have you watched Loss of a Teardrop Diamond? Totally a different Chris Evans (e.g. different from high profile role, Human Torch). Usually such movies are too slow for me but I was into it because of Chris Evans – he was likened to Paul Newman or Robert Redford – I tend to agree, maybe that potential yet to be realised to the fullest but yeah, watch out.

    I’m also baffled at the negativity towards him as Captain America. I believe he can bring it (as you said, do the job), but a good movie depends on two other things – script/plot and director.

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  4. So I wasn’t the only one who did a little cheer when America’s shield was shown in Iron Man 2? Dude…I love me some Evans. He was the first actor I ever had dream sex with. Yes, I said that. I’m not ashamed. It was awesome.

    And please…let’s not compare Reynolds to Evans. The only thing Ryan has going for him is that he’s slept with Scarlet and Alanis & made out with Sandy and Kristen onscreen. Chris Evans can act. He was good in Fierce People, and have you seen Loss of a Teardrop Diamond? He did Tennessee Williams proud, in my estimation.

  5. Heather

    So, I have liked Chris Evans on simmer for years (I own The Perfect Score) and then caught Push on cable a couple of months ago and my interest was renewed, even though the film was a mess.

    Then I caught the The Loss of the Teardrop Diamond on Encore and he was good in that.

    On a recent weekend, I took a chance on What’s Your Number, expecting it to be really, really awful, and it wasn’t. He was hilarious and goofy and charming, and if you could bottle the chemistry and camraderie he had with Anna Faris, I would pay cash money for that every time.

    I watched CA afterward and liked it well enough but I really enjoyed it because I had liked WYN so well. Now I’ve gone out and bought WYN on DVD.

    I’m late to the Chris Evans party but I got here. Have you seen the pic of him howling with laughter at the VF oscars party while Sandra Bullock has her arm around his waist, quietly enjoying that her joke hit its mark?

    That right there tells me he’s awesome (I hope).

  6. Jackie_RK

    I LOVE Chris Evans ; he’s totally underrated. And you’re on the money with that Harrison Ford comparison. I’m old enough to remember Ford when he made it big with Star Wars. Evans has the same thing goin’ on. Just you wait.

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