Marvel kisses its own ass, but—HOLY SHIT SO MUCH COOL STUFF

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Last night ABC, which is presided over by the same Disney overlord as Marvel Studios, aired an hour-long commercial for upcoming Marvel titles Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, in which Marvel also patted itself on the back for a job well done on that whole Iron Man and Avengers thing and then tossed a few—admittedly very cool—breadcrumbs to the fans by way of concept art for the 2015 slate of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Edgar Wright’s Ant Man.

Ant Man. Seems silly, but I wouldn't bet against Edgar Wright.

Ant Man. Seems silly, but I wouldn’t bet against Edgar Wright.

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Need for Speed is delightfully dumb

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Need_For_Speed_PosterYou know those movies that come on TNT on a Saturday afternoon and maybe it’s just started or maybe there’s only twenty minutes left, but either way, you watch the movie? It’s not even necessarily that it’s a good movie, there’s just something about it that makes you watch, regardless of how much of the running time is left. And no matter how many times you’ve seen it, you still have the same stupid questions about it, as if each time it comes on you think—Now will be the time X plot point finally makes sense. Except it never does because it’s the same dumb movie it was the time before, and the time before that, yet it remains eminently watchable and enjoyable no matter what. Warriors is like that for me, or the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds, or anything starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. And now so too is Need for Speed, the dumbest movie I’ve seen in a good long while. Continue reading

Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Winter Soldier premiere

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It’s Friday! There’s fashion! It’s time for a Fashion Friday Fun Post, a totally new thing I just made up!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiered in LA last night, and while there wasn’t a jaw-drop moment, there were some interesting choices made, and also some awful ones, as well as Suit Problems galore. But also Suit Wins! But mostly Suit Problems. So let’s get started. I don’t have designer IDs for every outfit—if you recognize something, let me know in the comments and I’ll update. Continue reading

Spring Movie Preview: March 2014

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March 7

300: Rise of an Empire

On the one hand, 300 was hilariously homoerotic, but on the other hand, it’s also one of the worst offenders on the Zack Snyder Scale of Rape Fantasy. This looks like more of the same.

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Grand Piano is ridiculous, thrilling

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grand-piano-movie-posterThere was a point in the thriller Grand Piano that I laughed out loud. It was a climactic moment—it probably wasn’t supposed to be funny. But it was just so ludicrous that I couldn’t help it. The movie ventured firmly into unintentional comedy, but the weird thing was, it didn’t take away from the movie, or the experience of watching it, at all. It was just acknowledgment that, yes, things had gotten a wee bit silly, but that it was still entertaining and the conclusion satisfying, after all. Grand Piano is borderline stupid but it’s so STYLISH that really, nothing else matters. Continue reading

Best & Worst of the Oscars 2014

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ellen_oscarsWell, it was better than last year, anyway. At least I didn’t want to punch the host. I did kind of want to ask Ellen DeGeneres if she rehearsed or what, because there was a lot of awkward in her bits, but she landed more jokes than not and the selfie heard round the world was cute or whatever, so okay. It was a mostly harmless Oscar telecast where, despite cutthroat competition in most categories, there really weren’t any surprises. I did pretty alright with my predictions, going 20/24. My major whiffs were calling Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress and American Hustle for Best Original Screenplay. In both those cases, though, my “should wins” took it (played out the same in editing, too, as “should win” Gravity won over Captain Phillips). So I’m kind of 23/24. I should really trust my instincts more, is the lesson there. Continue reading

Handicapping the Oscars: Too close to call

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86th_Academy_Awards_posterMan, I thought last year was tough. Well, this year is just as bad. Maybe even worse because at least there year there are some really obvious films that ought to walk away with a lot of awards (12 Years a Slave for all the big stuff, Her for stuff like writing, production design and music, Gravity for technical categories), but because Her is “weird” and 12 Years doesn’t pat white people on the back for ending racism in 1962, what should be obvious becomes occluded. Last year, the politics of campaigning mattered. This year it’s less about that and more about the sheer arbitrariness of taste. Continue reading


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