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Fall Movie Preview: October 2013

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October 4


I like Adam Scott (Parks & Rec, Party Down) a lot, and though he’s best known for being part of the ensemble (Step-Brothers) he is fully capable of carrying a project (see also: Party Down). But A.C.O.D. (“adult child of divorce”) isn’t that funny and it largely wastes the very real depth and sorrow he can bring to characters (see also: PARTY DOWN). I knew a guy who went through his parents’ divorce as an adult and it really did a number on him, so this can be rich emotional ground, but this comes off more as a shallow examination of a spoilt person than a look at how divorce can devastate even a grown-ass man.


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Fall Movie Preview: September 2013

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So long, summer blockbuster season. Hello, award season.

September 6


Somehow Vin Diesel conned people into greenlighting another of these shitty Riddick movies.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2013

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Last month of summer movies, and we’re finishing with one of the best—Edgar Wright’s The World’s End—one of the few originals, Elysium, and one of the most promising sequels, Kick-Ass 2. There’s also a bunch of random Wednesday releases this month.

August 2

2 Guns

Alternate title: 2 Men Who Are Very Secure in Their Manhoods, No Seriously, We’re Not Compensating for Anything.

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Summer Movie Preview: July 2013

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I’m starting to get summer movie fatigue, and I live for this shit, so the average cinema-goer must be half-dead with it by now. And we’re only halfway through, guys. Half. Way.

July 3

Despicable Me 2

We now live in a world where it’s okay to use an Eminem song in a trailer for a kid’s movie.

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Summer Movie Preview: June 2013

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I want points for doing this in the middle of a business trip.

June 7

Dirty Wars

An investigative journalist heads this documentary (heavy with “dramatic recreations”) about the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC, which is the military group that pulls from all of the branches of the armed forces to handle top secret operations. Put it this way—the SEALs are part of JSOC. It should be a really fascinating topic—these men and women are the best of the best in field, air, and intelligence operations—but the focus is on how so many of the JSOC commandos are “erased” from military records and how it appears they have no oversight. This isn’t true—their commanding officer’s name is on Wikipedia for Christ’s sake—but I guess they figure it will make a sexy hook for a documentary. With friends in the military, though, including someone who often participates in JSOC operations, I find it a gross oversimplification.

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Summer Movie Preview: May 2013

Posted in Movies, Previews with tags , , , , on May 3, 2013 by Sarah

Let’s pretend like I didn’t forget to do this for April and almost May, too. Good? Good!

May 3

Generation Um

I suppose this is one of those “Generation X grew up to be so annoying, am I right?” movies. It’s about three different people spread across Manhattan on a single day, and one of those people is Keanu Reeves. It looks spectacularly uninteresting.


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Spring Movie Preview: March

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We leave behind the bone yards of January and February for the doldrums of March. Things get marginally better this month, thanks largely to the first round of festival pickings from TIFF holdovers and Sundance premieres, but the mainstream offerings remain decidedly slim. This is the stuff that wouldn’t cut it in the more competitive summer months, like “Gerard Butler saves the White House” and “G.I. Joe but with Bruce Willis and The Rock this time” and “Please like this as much as you liked Twilight”. March is always a weird month to me because there are genuinely good movies on offer, but there’s a lot of studio dross, too.

March 1

21 and Over

Half as grown up as The Hangover and twice as funny as Project X. Just once I’d like to see a young Asian character in a movie NOT trying to get into med school.

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